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  1. So I have two questions before I am ready to grow.

    Question 1:
    How can I install CPU fans in my stealth speaker grow as intake and outake?( power wise):confused:

    Question 2:
    Do I really need nutes?

    Thanks GC!
  2. I dont know how to answer your first question, but for your second question the answer is yes. It's a living thing so it needs nutrients to survive, just like us.

  3. Cant I just give it water?
  4. Yes, you give it just water for the first week or so, but after that you will need to give it nutrients.
    Members won't answer your questions, if you are not going to take growing weed seriously.
  5. Thanks man! I am on a budget:(
  6. If your that badly off, just buy tomato plant nutrients from your local garden centre.
  7. alaska fish fert is only around 6 - 7 bucks

    alaska morbloom is 8 bucks so it should not be that hard to find the cash to buy some ferts because you will need them just not as much as some think it also depends on the strain your growing

    unsulthured molasses is good cheap fert for flowering which can easily be obtained at any grocery store

    find the cash for your nutes your plants will thank you and remeber to fertilize wisley

  8. Thank man! :hello: I'll go with this
  9. hey dude as far as powering those fan goes you can just use mobilephone chargers (CPU fans are pc fans right? or am i totally off lol)
  10. To wire fans you can buy a $20 power supply and just connect that to the wall, and hook up the fans using their existing wiring. Or, you can go about finding some phone chargers or any other 12V DC (I believe) converter, and cut-n-splice the wires together.

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