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  1. Ok I was just wondering (knowledge is power) a few things:
    number one: is there any way from stunting growth of a plant (say a clone that you're not ready to fully veg yet) without killing it?

    number two: those scrog boxes- how do they use carbon filters- especially when the filters look so damn huge? I am asuming you can make smaller ones (most people seem to make them). Am I right and if so how big are they usually per square foot of scrog growth?

    If I should have used the search button just ignore this post and don't tell me about it ;)

    Thanks v much

  2. there is a gel on the market that you can put your cuts in and its holds them for upto 6 weeks.

    if you keep them cold it slows every thing down. i have seen cuts put in a glass of water and in the fridge. it works for some people.

    you can make them any size you want.

    furnace filters or hepta filters work well, they are flat and most can be cut to size. some cooker hoods have carbon filters in them, these work well.

    i seen one guy that just run some ducting off his fan, stuffed some wire wool about 6inch down inside it, poured in the carbon and stufed in some more wire wool. it slowed the air down a lot but it worked and helped keep the fan quiet.
  3. THUG, you wouldn't happen to know the name of that gel would you?..........that could come in handy due to a holiday and T in the park! thanks for the pm about the co2, been meaning to reply, i got it sorted but thanks for the offer mate.........Peace out.........Sid

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