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  1. When or how will I know when my plants are at peak thc? I'm about 30 day's into 12/12 have great looking buds with crystals forming on the leaves.
    Also my yeald looks small when should I have topped them or should you do that at all?
    this is skunk #1 started about 1/1

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  2. if youre 30 days in, you have about 26-36 days left. that bud is lookin really really nice :) give it a couple more weeks. you will notice it will start fattening up. you may also notice some stigmas turn amber on you. that isnt the intial time to harvest. the bud should regrow more stigmas befores its finally cycle before going amber again. then you are done. so basically at the 56-66th day after going 12-12. good luck and what strain by the way?
  4. Have any of your fan leaves started goin yellow yet if they have when did it start, im growin the same strain and having a few problems
  5. One plant lookss real good the other i've lost almost all of the fan leaves, looks like heat damage almost but both plants have been in the same conditions. My next crop is dutch passion and they look totaly different.

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