Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by irish3384, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. First time grower, long time smoker i just started three outdoors in pots this summer they were planted in early may they haven't flowered yet is it getting late or is this normal and also i am having trouble distinguishing male from female but i think it may be to early cause i dont see an pollen sacs or pistals. The only thing i can tell is there are little pointed peices at every branch off so i assumed they were just beginner branched but they havent grown and tehyve been there for awhile. Finally i have noticed some of the leaves at the very tips are starting to dry and become brown just the very tips though any help with that and is there any way to speed up the flowering process?
  2. its 2 early in the year 4 them 2 flower on there own yet. the pointy things at the nodes r normal. brown tips sounds like over feeding, dont feed the plant just water it 4 a while. plants go in2 flower when the day lengh gets shorter. if u want them to start flowering now only let them have 12 hours of light a day, the rest of the time put them somewhere dark like a spare room or a shed.

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