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  1. Questions that pop into your head while high . . .

    Why do mason jars at Walmart cost about 1/3 what they cost on Amazon? Could shipping empty glass possibly cost that much? They have to be shipped to walmart too, don't they? 4 amber Q jars/$9.98 walmart, $28.95 amazon. 12 pack clear quart jars $10.98 vs. $27.99, or $54.55 for wide mouth. $55 for empty jars, $78 you can get 12 q jars of pasta sauce and feed your family for a year.(if you eat 1 a month) and then re-use the jars. Did Bezos piss off the entire mason jar industry somehow? And if so, I want to know what he did. Could it be a plot to force us growers out into the wild where we might catch the covid? Just wondering
  2. shipping empty boxes costs that much. doesnt it amazon!?
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  3. Speaking of prices. Why do most prices end in 9? Damn that's eerie.
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  4. And I live next to Lake Erie, that's eerier?
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  5. Walmart and Ace Hardware for quart and half gallon wide mouth jars. Buy them now as come Oct the rush will be on and you'll pay a premium for them or be unable to find them.

    $15.98 for a case of 6 half gallons
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  6. I buy my jars from 2nd hand stores most time they 25 cents to a dollar a piece
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  7. The difference is in bulk shipping costs. Heavy bulky items cost more to both store at an amazon warehouse as well as ship as individual units (Or small sets) compared to on a semi truck that is chock full of stuff and arriving every couple days at large walmart stores to restock items their inventory management system predicts they will need shortly.

    I have so many damn mason jars I don't know how to store them all, I don't really use them much for cannabis anymore as I hated having several dozen jars to keep track of so now I use vittles vaults mostly for larger amounts and jars for small amounts that will be opened often.
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  8. My tenant does flea marketing big time. She says any mason jar sells as fast as someone can put them out.
    And on a side note, I decided to browse through the house, basement,shed, and barn and found 6 different mason jars that I didn't even realise I had. Including 2 half gallon ones. Just sitting there holding random objects, like they had been for years.
  9. And they come in cool shapes.
  10. Like how you assume most growers are shut ins that avoid contact with the outside world, like we are some rare species of human that only comes out in the right conditions. Because I am

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    Do chicks that have anal sex on the regular still have to push to take a shit? When they fart... Does it sound like a hoot'n jug? Hmm. Lol. Why hasn't anyone realized if you buy the bulk jar of pickles at Walmart you can re use the huge 1 gallon jar? Buy chip dip in the large jars not only helps dry mouth when munchies kick in but also provides a wide mouth jar. I'm a redneck... I don't have any actual glass cups in my cabinets just recycled jars and whiskey glasses. 20200726_202648.jpg

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