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  1. ok what is the shortest plant i could get and/or the least smelling..?..oh and what takes the least amount of time to grow and flower?

    and what do ya recommend i get?
  2. Try to locate this strain or seeds. The strain is called top 44 great commercial starin low odor and super fast flowering. Also rudalis an auto flowering cannibis( flowers by age and height of plant it doesn't need 12/12 to flower, it also is early flowering.

  3. very low in thc tho. rudalis.

  4. yes... avoid ruderalis and it's offspring like lowryder ONLY if you can't control light cycles eg. an outdoor grow with light pollution, 24 hour alaskan daylight or in a window. otherwise, ruderallis is low quality breeding material.

    if you like trippy highs, Cinderella 99 (aka C99) and her son Apollo 11 (A11) are compact, low odor & trippy. C99 is spedier and more paranoid while A11 is more euphoric and laid back.

    in the middle of the road, mendico madness is low odor

    and for pure indicas, northern lights #5 (NL#5) is THE standard for compact low odor indicas. that's probably why it's a building block in so many strains. it's flavor isn't described as being spectacular but is a little bit sweet, but if you want an indica that isn't skunky, that's a good choice.

    hope something here helps.

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