Questions to Obama Protestors?

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  1. So tomorrow Barack Obama is coming to speak at a community college near me (I actually went there for a semester).

    I used to work for a news station and have a $3,000 dollar Camcorder burning a hole in my closet so I figured what better time to get some use out of it than by recording a news worthy event such as the President coming so close to my house.

    I'm planning on going up there and interviewing some protesters, getting some B-Roll and putting together a package.

    What are some good questions that I could ask the protesters?
  2. ask them if they are racist.:hello:
  3. Maybe some health care related questions? That shit is way over-talked about though.
  4. Ask them how they feel about Kanye stealing Taylor Swifts moment at the VMA's.
  5. "He's a jackass..."
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  6. Ask how, specifically, how Obama is a fascist, communist, socialist, Muslim, and/or racist.

    What, specifically, has Obama done different from Bush that makes him a fascist/commie/socialist.

    And what, specifically, do they not like about any of the several health care reform bills in Congress right now.

    I expect lulz and vague responses with a lot of trailing off and saying he's a Muslim.
  7. ask how they feel about Obama's Marijuana policy?
  8. Ask how they feel about Barrack Obama's "War on Flies"
  9. Ask them what they think about him continuing the war in Afghanistan.
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    Ask them how they feel about american forces entering somalian territory and it not even being news worthy because the united states media is too fascinated by what the president has to say about some two-bit entertainer.


    Ask them if they know the definition of socialism.

    as well as, ask them if they can even describe what obama's healthcare plan is, and what is wrong about it? (compare it to that of the universal healthcare of the UK)

    and lastly, ask them if they were a bush supporter.

    then if they reply with yes, ask them if they would support president obama if he entered an unwinnable war after lying to the american public and using the media as his puppet to steer public opinion in a way that's favorable to his personal agenda and that of his cabinet's personal interests. all in the process of taking away our civil liberties and turning the US into a police state.

    when they reply with no, call them out as being hypocritical.

    also, when they say that they are against the spending and the bail out, remind them that the first bailout was under the bush administration and they were supportive of it.
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  11. [ame=]YouTube - 9.12 DC TEA PARTY - MARCH FOOTAGE WITH INTERVIEWS[/ame]
    do this
  12. that video was full of lulz :hello:
  13. how much do you really know about health care?
    Age,if they went to college
    what they thought of bush

  14. That video sucked, he obviously Democrat asking the stupidest people he can find, i wonder how many logical remarks he edited out.

    Ask serious questions and post serious answers, i don't give a fuck if you can select a few dumb fucks to make fools out of them to try and put down a political party, they both suck, republican and democrats. People are only upset with these czars is because they are so radical, they believe in eugenics and controlling the population, they say radical ideals and beliefs.

    I'd ask them this, Why do you think we need such high direct taxation?

    Why do you think it is fair for the government to tax people based on successfulness, if they go far in life the more they pay, where as if you don't fully apply yourself you're taxed less.

    What makes you think others deserve healthcare handed to them?

    Why don't we approach any other ideas about healthcare instead of jumping on the bandwagon of Universal Healthcare.

    Why is marijuana illegal when it is a free natural medicine, yet the government claims they have our best interests at heart and want to take over our whole healthcare.
  15. they may be dumb, but wow it is scary to hear people talk like that...sorry

    I think taxes seem fair honestly. I think the money could be used better. Perhaps more spending control to each state? I think this country is unified enough without control through funds.

    What's so bad about helping people through universal healthcare? Make policy changes where they are needed(i.e. people taking unfair advantage). But those that need it should have it.
  16. yeah it just seems odd to me to see people making such a strong point supposedly, then when asked to back it up with information they seem flustered and have nothing better than vague danger and religous references to fall back to.
  17. Generally there isn't much interesting stuff going on at any sort of protest. Protests really aren't effective in our society anymore because they've been used soooo much and media reporting is so terribly biased.

    You can play a game of "find the moron", but that's a game that can be played with any group of people protesting, left or right. It might make for some slightly funny 'gotcha' gimmicks, but pretty soon you realize that these idiots vote, and they really think there is a conspiracy of lizard people trying to control the world, and pretty soon your faith in democracy is shaken. Some tard-bots really shouldn't be voting.

    Why don't you do something that isn't really done at protests-- try and get some really interesting and thought provoking footage.

    Set up a table with a sign hanging from it that reads "I WANT TO INTERVIEW OBAMA SUPPORTERS AND PROTESTERS" make clear to every person you chat with that you're asking the same set of short questions to everyone, and you'd like to film their responses. Tell them that it's okay for them to actually think about the questions for a few seconds after you ask them, and there won't be any gotcha-editing to the videos.

    Then ask a combination of really open ended questions like this:
    1) Why are you here?
    2) What do you hope to accomplish?
    3) How would you describe your position on Obama?
    4) What could he do, if anything, to change that position?
    5) Do you feel that Obama is doing a better job than Bush, a worse job than Bush, or about an equal job
    6) What things has Obama done that make you say <better/worse/about equal>?

    Now that, friend, would probably produce some really interesting results. In terms of who comes to you, and what they have to say. Just smile nicely the whole time, ask the questions in an even tone, and if someone says something that really piques your interest just say "Oh? Could you say a little bit more about that." But don't let your bias come into play in terms of your politics, let it come into play when your expectations are challenge (like, say, someone who says they are a huge obama supporter says they feel Bush was doing better, or someone who seems to be really against Obama starts listing simple things he could do to get their support. Those are things that challenge our expectations regardless of our political bias).

    That would be some seriously cool journalism.
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  18. i would walk around with a sign that says "Van Jones for President 2012"... and see how they react. :smoke:
  19. As a quick add on:

    1) Do you feel that our nation's drug laws reflect the American spirit?
    2) How do you feel about both Bush and Obama freely admitting they have used cocaine?
    3) Do you have anything you'd like to add?

    America is a nation that loves redemption stories. You might illicit some really powerful responses from people with those 3 final questions.

    Isn't that interesting, in many circumstances a story about a black man using cocaine would DE-humanize him. But, when we ask the question differently, in the context of the American Spirit and in the context of another person who they likely have very different feelings for (either positive or negative), it could very likely humanize a person more. It could also have the same effect among Obama supporters who had de-humanized Bush.

    That would be really interesting. I'd smoke a J and watch hours of interviews like that.

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