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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by mikesp03, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. So i left on vacation and returned last night and came home and my plants outside the leaves have turned a dark purple. The buds are still stinky and gorgeous. Not sure what this means as this is my first grow, i picked a smaller plant last week so i had some herb on my vaca and it was really dank...So the question is what should i do, the pistils are about 75% brown all over the plant. And another question is, i dont really have a place to dry it out because of roomates we have a shed in the backyard b ut im afraid that its still gets alot of moisture in there..Please help
  2. id say that the leaves turned purple either because of cold weather...or because your plants are ready for the chop, but most likely because of cold weather, when the plant is ready to be harvested the fan leaves normally turn yellow, purple is a clear indication that the temp is to low.
    With 75% dried stamens id recommend you chop fairly soon. dry your buds hung up in your room closet.
  3. Yeah the weath has been cool, i was down south and the weather was 95 i walked outside this morning and it was like 55 so i cut them a few minutes ago and are drying in a shed, only place im allowed to dry them cause of my roomates, so we'll see what happens :-D...the main cola is fucking gorgeous
  4. Ya, each nite it gets down to like 45 here my plants get a little more purple.. I kinda like it.. And dude.. don't think that it has to be hung to dry.. just chop it down and trim it and cut the nugs off the stems into a box and just leave it open and turn it regularly.. maybe some paper towels on the bottom to soak up some moisture..

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