Questions regarding dishwasher position (drug test)

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  1. Sup blades. Guess who just got a job?? At Sunrise senior assisted living center as a dishwasher.

    This is for people that have worked at sunrise or as a dishwasher anywhere please.

    I got a call today saying I need to come in tomorrow for a 2nd interview, and to fill papers out and get a physical. The guy said nothing about a drug test.

    If I do get tested id probably fine, unless its a blood test. CURRENT/FORMER DISHWASHERS-- Did you get drug tested during the hiring process?

    If so what type of test was it? Blood? Urine? Mouth swab?

    Im hoping for no test obviously but if it happens im praying for a swab.

    Would like to hear personal experiences regarding hiring process thanks homies! :)
  2. Just quit my dishwashing job.There was no drug test. I always went in high. Its a TERRIBLE, horrible job though. Im serious. When new employees would come in, we'd say "Welcome to hell".

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    You're afraid you'd not pass a blood test, but can pass urine? I guess if you have fake piss... but marijuana isn't traceable in blood for too long, far shorter than it is in urine, anyway. 
    That said, they're not going to give you a blood test. Definitely not for a dishwasher job. Nobody drug tests with blood... well, I shouldn't say "nobody," but it's practically non-existent because you'd need a medical professional to do it, and because it's only going to show recent use.
  4. Ok thats cool to hear and.also sucks lol. I got a tour and job description didnt sound too bad imo.
  5. Oh I always thought THC stayed in the blood for longer.
  6. around here, no restaurants drug test at all.  idk about retirement homes though hahahahahahahahahahahahah
  7. yea sometimes a "physical" may have a piss test attached to it, but almost no rrestaurrants/dishwashing jobs drug test that i have had in the past....tough one...
    Nope. The reason they will take blood tests when someone is suspect to driving under the influence is because it blood tests only show recent drug use. Maybe you're thinking of hair tests? But they're definitely not going to give you a hair test either. 
  9. Fuck I hope they dont test and if they do it better be a swab >:/
  10. Do you think I'd get tested in the physical?
  11. No one can answer this for sure. You just have to wait and see what happens. Wish you the best!
  12. Did you ever test i need to know my second interview is tomorrow!
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    I have worked at an Assisted Living Center, and my girlfriend has worked at two of them. I would put money on it that yes you will be drug tested, and it will be a cheap Labcorp/Quest piss test. So when you get the paperwork, but yourself a bottle of Quickfix and pass that s**t.
    Edit: Wow, old thread is old...
  14. Ya just an update for y'all, they tried piss testing me, finger scanning me and wanted me to get a physical so I said fuck datt ahah then got hired at red lobster which sucked balls now I work at taco bell...think I went down the ladder lol
  15. Lol such an old thread!

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