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  1. If I top this plant will it stop it from growing taller for a few days. And were should I do it I don't want it to bush out TOO much. Thanks to all that reply.....V

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  2. cut off the newest growth at the top, (3-4) nodes.
  3. And this will stunt the upward growth for a few days? That's really the only reason why I want to top I have a couple lagging behind a few inches and I can only go 18-20" max before I have to start flower
  4. After i topped my first plant it showed no signs of growth for the first like 4 the 2 new stems that shot up are like 7 inches tall each with multiple nodes
  5. Ok thanks for the info I just topped 6 watched a vid in it...hope I did it right

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  6. looks good man, I think you could have cut a little lower looking at some of those tops but itll work nonetheless
  7. Ya cool thanks BRO like I said I watched a video I found on YouTube and pretty much did it exactly how he did just took off the very top center node trying to leave a V at the top with a node on both sides il take another pic in a few days and post it on this thread.

    thanks for the info and support
  8. Update: so its almost been a week since the topping I also transplanted 2 days after and they seem to be doing great. I'm switching the bulb over to hps and starting flower tonight. This is the same plant from previous post before topping it was 16" b4 its now only 20"

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