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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Lycanthropy, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. 'Ello everyone. So here it goes. I have a new generation of plants started, and I wanted to know the City's advice on topping.

    On my last grow, I topped each plant one time and just let them go from there. This method produced great results.

    What I am curious about is, if you top it more than the one time, does it change yield/potency for better or worse? I'm also interested in trying to FIM.

    I guess what I'm trying to get at is, are there any special combinations that include topping & FIM that increase yield but do not damage potency? Here's a couple examples..

    - Don't top at all, FIM the main shoot.
    - Top once, FIM both shoots.
    - Top twice, don't FIM.

    Anything along those lines would be appreciated. Just something I'd be interested in finding out. Thanks!


    (Sidenote: 100th post. Time for a bowl. =D)
  2. i say dont top at all, lst
  3. when you top/FIM you loose a bud!!!
    read up on LST (low stress training) w/ this method there's hardly any slowed growth. it does take more time & care but is WELL worth it.

    Have Fun,

  4. Only if you have the lack of knowledge to top while the plants are in flowering.. Otherwise, you're just cutting off the growing tip and redirecting the plant's energy to other points.

  5. have you noticed though when you top, even though you end up with 2 extra grow points, the stems are much smaller. doesnt mean a smaller flower, i think it just cut in half the bud that woulda formed. if you veg for i say atleast 8 weeks, a top or fim prolly would benifit you more. if you are a 3monther, id say lst
  6. hello ,,,,,, my $0.02 worth ,,, if you top any plant it also make if want to bush out more the smaller growth below will grow alot faster ,, i dont top my white widows they stay short and fat ,,,,but i must top my northern lights or they will out grow my room in a matter of weeks (topping them slow the vertical growth but they branch out alot) good luck ,,,,,,,,,if you do top then take enough to use for a clone :)

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