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  1. Ok here it is. I got 3 plants growing in my back woods (gave up on indoor grow due to recommendations from the forum) and two are in pots growing outside in the woods getting about 12-13 hours of sunlight a day. The other is in the pure ground in the woods and it seems to be growing much slower than the other two that are in pots.I will be germinating about 6-10 more seeds in the next weeks and planting them out in the ground and pots also all in diffrent areas in my woods. what is recommended?? in the natural ground?? or in the pots and buried in the ground? Also i am going to let nature take its course on the plants i will just be watering when needed. I started one in the ground from seed outside. Germinated the other 2 indoors and planted a germinated seed in the pot directly outside and started the other one indoors till it got nice and healthy and today placed it outside. Now what will be the best method with my next set??

    I would really like some help from someone if possible thank you
  2. Getting plants started indoors makes a large difference. If you have an empty closet all you have to do is hang a flouro in there. IF you dont plan on doing much watering, and feel like you have a really secure spot I would just put everything in the ground. Dig a hole 1.5' deep and 1.5' wide. If your soil is good then you can put it all back in the hole, after breaking the clumps and what not up, this allows the roots to grow easier. If you soil is bad you can mix up your own and put it in there. As far as started seeds I use the paper towel method, works great for me everytime. Seeds are greeted by a 4' double buld flouro will special grow bulbs. Remember plants need around 6 hours a day of direct sunlight to produce good bud, the more hours of direct sunlight the better.
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  3. Yea i start them indoors and leave them in the windowsill. They do not stretch much after about 2 weeks and the second set of fan leaves i take outside dig a hole and put the pot in the hole. If i am planning on planting 12 seeds in the ground directly after germination is bagseed from some really good high-mids a good enough thing to plant? what is a recommended outdoor strain from a site that takes debit cards and delivers to US? Also The plants are not in the largest pots they are about 9 inches in circumference will that by suffiecient to yield a nice amount of but this is all for personal use no sale.

    What is better? In ground in woods that are fertile? Or outdoors in pots with a good soil mixture?

    Also when shall i expect any budding? It is april in NY not really full summer yet but average of 60-65 degree days and rain at least 2 times a week so far. And they have been torrential.

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