Questions on my first grow. Is my plant sick?

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  1. Hi all, I have a question for my first grow, it was all nice and golden until about 4 or 5 days ago, the 2 weeks old plant starting to get some light green spot (almost white) on the lower leaf tip, and some are yellowing too ( the tips and the outside of the leaf, but it's not a lot). They are in a decent size pot, I used roots organic soil with perlite, it was too close to the light but I have moved it. And there's one of the stem is turning a little purple. ( I think this is because it was low on one kind of nutrients?) I did try to feed them when they are about one week old and I used foxfarm nutrients, very low dose and like I said it as all good until couple days ago. Oh and I correct the ph every time I water but sometime the run off will be lower than what I put in.( what to do in this case?)
    Please help guys, all info are welcome!! I'm at work right now but I can get some pics when I get home !

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  2. If it is spots of white patches all over. Than in my experience it is fungus gnats. They eat at the roots. Pull the side of the container from the soil some and you will see the bastard fly out. It is the larva you have to worry about. Sticky traps and mosquito dunks will do the trick.

    Another thing it could be with the yellowing is nutrient burn. Usually starts at the tips and edges. Use straight water for the next couple of waters. The first water flush with like 5 gallons. When you do feed again go very light.

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  3. Sade is right. One thing I did to battle fungus gnats was, as he said, mosquito dunks crumbled on the top soil and then I added a perlite cap so the remaining gnats couldnt lay their eggs. They wont lay eggs on rocks so a 2 inch perlite cap works perfectly. They should all be gone within 2 weeks if you do this. Also pics would be really helpful so just post some when you get home
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  4. The soil you are using is a superb soil and needs no amendment with perlite or anything else. Most importantly, no very young seedling needs anything in the way of nutrients until it has had the opportunity to use up what came naturally in the soil. If you started that seedling in a large container, it will need NO water and NO nutrients for a long time. A plant, once planted into soil, immediately starts building it's root system. Until that is finished, the foliage doesn't do much and the inexperienced grower will begin to think something is wrong and give water, nutes, and other stuff it does not need. Just leave the plant alone. If you put it in good soil...which you did, watered it in with properly pH'd water (6.3 to 6.7 range for soil) and put it under your veg are finished until you see that little plant start to grow and use water. The larger the container it's in, the longer this is going to take. These plants have survived for thousands of years without the benefit of man hovering over them. Use some common sense about what you're doing or take some time to read up on the growing process. Read the sticky's in the new grower threads to get an idea of the basics of indoor growing if you really want to help yourself out. Everything you need to know is already posted there and nobody wants to give you day by day instructions on here when the stuff you need to know to do this correctly is already logged here on the forum. Take some initiative and figure out how this is done on your own. It's not rocket science, but there IS a process to this if you want it to be a success. TWW
  5. Thanks all!! I don't think it's the fungus gnats cause the patches is on the tip of the leaf and it's like a super light green color but I will definitely check it out! I'll upload a pic as soon as I can and thanks for the help guys !

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  6. Hey guys I got some pictures in, can you guys tell what this is form??[​IMG][​IMG]

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