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Questions on Health Effects of Smoking.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Tokbeard, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Afternoon, evening, morning or whatever time it is you're reading this at! First post on Grasscity, thought this would be a decent place to get some answers or least pointed in a better direction in my search.
    First off I'll go over my situation, been smoking relatively steady since I was 17 (22 now), About two years ago I started smoking almost 100% exclusively from a Vaporizer besides the odd joint whenever I snag another baggie from my friend. Before using the vape I used pipe/bongs. I never really have taken a 'T-break' besides the odd few days I had to go without or couldn't obtain anything. I've never really had a tolerance issue, I was always the person who was fine after a few tokes from the bowl, preferred to just enjoy the high I had instead of always breaking into more bud, of course the odd weekend I would get crazy with some friends and blaze all day.
    About two weeks ago, wife and I made some brownies. I had the weekend off and thought I would party hard and indulge. Ate a little to much for myself, got a massive headache and was stoned for nearly three days from them (Ate about half the tray in one sitting) I didn't smoke after eating, had a bad time while I was coming off my buzz and decided to take a break, it had been almost two weeks now since I stopped. Thinking of quitting until the New Year and see what I think, if I will come back to smoking at all.
    I smoke roughly .5-1g between myself and partner ( Sometimes stretching my herb over two days, yea vapes!), I generally only smoke after work  or during my days off when I've nothing to do. During my break I've been reading on long/short term effects of smoking weed.

    Site I linked is just one of many I've read, just had all the things I read from others all bunched up.
    My biggest concerns where growth stunting and lower testosterone, though I don't believe to much from what I've read considering I'm 6.1 and relatively built and find no issues concerning the effects of low testosterone.
    Sleeping disorders, I've always been a night owl, I play a lot of online games with friends so I never thought weed contribute to my sleep, when I do sleep its generally solid and I rarely wake up unless sick, odd bathroom break.
    Like many people on here I always thoughts smoking helped with my Anxiety, after taking this short break it's one thing that I see has gotten better while not smoking, though it has only been two weeks. I was curious if anyone else had similar stories on this.
    Another thing I found has changed mildly was my mood changes, though life is chaotic so I don't really think the weed contributed to much to this. I find that I've had less anger, I've seemed to calm down and re asses my situations better without flipping out.
    The rest that I've been reading, Laziness, inability to comprehend things ect I really shrugged off as I believe everyone is different and I've never had lack of motivation from smoking...I may stay home and game days that I'm vaping but Its never kept me from doing choirs, workouts, hanging with friends etc.
    Now the biggest concern that I stumbled across, what drove me to make this post was what I found on this site.

    ( My biggest issue with the site is they sell herbal remedies to fix the things they talk about, was the first red flag and I couldn't find many other sources with information that they spoke about.)
    The general issues the site spoke about where
    -Erectile dysfunction
    -Causing Premature Ejaculation
    -Impotence (OH NOE!?!!?)
    First thing I did was freak out, panic and stress out about the possibilities. As of now, I don't have an issue with any of the three major topics but like any man I would do anything to keep my member from failing to work. I looked further into their site, they have a lot of people who have given feedback how quitting and so forth preaching it's saved there little buddy, yadda yadda yadda. They sell pills, so was my first red flag, they want you to buy there crap and make money. I stopped freaking out, took a breath came here.
    If anyone could give me feedback, or any links I can further read into my concerns I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks for reading my jumbled wall of text!

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  3. You are worried about ED? I vape and eat edibles daily and I have no problem with ED whatsoever. As for your anxiety, if marijuana makes it worse, dont use it. For me, vaping, and specifically edibles, have helped tremendously with my anxiety. 
  4. I actually read the erowid one, good read. 
    I would advise OP to read it too
  5. Wish I had stumbled on this, thanks for the many links. Got lots of reading ahead of me.
    It was just a concern after reading it, I more freaked myself out at the possibility. I'll have to see how my anxiety acts when I start smoking again. Last few months I've done alot of major life changes ontop of this break so that could also be a huge factor, but I will do what is best if it is the cause.
  6. Thats right! Cannabis is an aphrodisiac for most people. It does not give me ED. It give me woody.

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