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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by peace&420, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. ok, i just started growing buthave a friend who has ben growing for awhile helping me out with some things but him being busy with his own crop and him not being able to be here everyday i figured i best learn myself. ok i have a steath growbox where i have cot the face of my droors off my dresser and nailed them in place (so you can't open them) on the back side i made a trap door so it opens from the back. before i get into the specs of my grow box i would like to explain my growing methods. i have 2 dwc buckets with rock wool, clay balls and all that good stuff. i am using 2 floro lights ( cant run up the power bill). i have a carbon scrubber and a little office fan as well. the inside of my growbox i have about 2 vertcal feet from the top of my buckets and about3 feet horizontal. the inside walls of my box are painted white.

    what i want to know if under those specification will i be abl to grow the seeds i have.

    here are the strains-
    - auto ak
    -lowryder x red haired
    - auto ak x blueberry f1
    - auto white russian
    I would love any thoughts an comments to what i am doing wrong also suggestions to what seeds i should grow as well as witch ones i shouldn't

    THANKS FOR THE HELP!!!!! happy growing!
  2. For 2 plants, your set-up will work, other than the lighting. You will definately need more light. Go with CFLs, preferably 4-6. These use a very small amount of power, and you will not notice any increase in your power bill. Keep them as close to the plant as you can get. And if you wanted to run the CFLs along with your floro tubes, even better.

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