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  1. as title states this is going to be my first grow.  my grow room setup is 4 feet wide by 6 feet long by 6.3 feet high... i am wondering what would be the best setup for lights, how many plants i can fit in this space and what style of growing this space is best suited for (i.e. scog, sog, normal) or any other tips that might come in handy.. 

  2. hi i'm no pro but i'll try my best to help you out and hopefully others will come in with a little more experience, starting with lighting for that space a 600w would be ok, but imo id go with 1000w mh bulb for veg and hps bulb for flowering, as for how many plants i would go for 9 plants and go with a scrog grow with topping and fimming to get the best out of them. if you do go with 1000w you will need good extraction and intake maybe even a cooltube as they do get HOT!.

  3. Your first grow will be a learning experience, so its better to grow untrained plants in organic soil.
    The easier the better

    Your light choice depends on your temps. Heat 400<600<1000
    You max temp is if you dont have adequate ventilation, even a 400 would be too hot.

    Ofcourse, the higher the wattage, the higher the yield. But thats not the only factor in yield. If you cant maintain temps, youll get crap bud.
    Same with the choice of soil.

    You have a total of 24sq ft area.
    A 1000w is ideal, 600w is good, 400 good for a 3x3.
    Reserve 2sqft for each plant, and you could grow a max of 12.
    But dont do that.
    Start with 2-4 plants...see how it goes.
    Youll get a fair idea of how much work this entails and you can choose to add more plants in your second grow.
  4. Oh my.. So many ppl so quick to tell newbies to jump on board with HPS.
    HPS burns incredibly hot.
    To run successfully, you will most likely need a LEGIT grow setup, consisting of exhaust fans, ducting, and all that jazz.
    To be totally honest.. I've been growing for a while and I HATE using HPS lights. They're hot, expensive, and hurt the electric bill.
    As of lately, I either use the natural sunlight, CFL's & Florescent bulbs, or LED.
    If you want to spend money an an actual nice grow light, look at some LED's. They give your plant all the light they would need, minus the retarded heat HPS lights put out. Not to mention, you'd be able to suffice using simple store bought fans. I recently splurged and got me two of those tall, skinny, fancy fans that oscillate from side to side. One on each side of my grow, both oscillating in different directions. Then just elevated my older one to blow around any hot air that may collect at the top of the grow.  :)
    Best buy, 60 bucks each. I'll most likely never need to replace them. :3
    I use Miracle Gro moisture control mix soil, with TAP WATER. No PH and no nutes.
    Never had a sad yield, or plant for that matter yet. :D 
    I have some pics to prove it. 
    I get frosty, delicious buds every time. 
    PH isn't a must, Nutes are not a must, HPS is not a must, Carbon Filters are not a must....
    It's a plant. That happens to be a "weed". Weeds are resilient little fuckers, and cannabis is no exception!
    Just plant it, water it, and make sure it has some sort of simulated wind so it can breathe!
    From what I notice, most beginner error can simply be avoided by just not trying to hard!
    Trust and love them, and they will love you back. :D
    Good luck to ya, and lets see some pictures when you have it running!
  5. Hps is the way to go. If heats a problem, get a 250 watt or a 150.
    Theres no issue with a newb using an hps. I used one for my first grow.

    You cant compare leds, cfls to matter what the manufacturers claim.
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    I have to call bullshit man. This is with CFL. Hps nice for a bigger operation, but as far as personal grows or small grows for a beginer, totally unnecessary. And not nearly as harsh on the electric. LED is the same, and the lights last way longer minus the heat problem.
  7. That's not even a top cola either.. xD
  8. 4 plant scrog in a 6x4 room

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  9. Not saying HPS is bad, lol. But it's by far not the best and or only way to grow. Especially to a new grower.
  10. But those results are achievable with other ligtsources.. The HPS isn't solely to blame for that.
  11. How many cfls and leds did you need to grow your bud?
    Did you have to constantly adjust lights every day or 2?
    How much time do you think you spend adjusting lights to get em close enough to be efficient?
    You can see where im going with that...

    Just ONE appropriately sized hps will easily grow you top quality bud.
    You wont have to worry about light penetration.
    And you dont have to adjust its height every frikkin day.
    For a beginner, what can possibly be easier?
  12. The only reason to ever choose leds or cfls over hps is Heat.
    Or if you cant afford to pay a $100 electricity bill

    If youre using leds, induction, cfl whatever, youre losing out, just because hps has better penetration.
    You might think youre not....but thats not logical.
    Lets say you do achieve the same yield, probably trained the plant like mad...adjusted lights everyday.......its too much work.
    Id rather spend all that time smoking a j

    If you dont want to compromise....always HPS.
  13. Everybody above has given you very good advice. Here are the main things to consider. Always go with the brightest(higest wattage) light that you can while maintaining temptures no higher than 80' preferably 75'. Fresh air or co2. Good soil with good drainage. One and only one brand of fertilizer. Don't mix brands. Start with a good healthy clone. Inspect very closely for insects ( mites and thrips) these are the hard ones to see. Almost all plant problems are environmental. Light, temepture, humidity, air circulation, soil (growing medium),fertilizer(nutrients).
    Here's what I use.    one   4ft T5 8 bulb for 6inch plants
                                      two  1000w MH for 7 gal. plants These are open with no ventilation.
                                      three 1000w HPS for flowering, these are ventilated cool tubes. They draw air from the room, not from outside. I do have air comming in from outside to the room. I didn't want to use co2. I also had to put in an air conditioner for the summer to keep daytime temps to 75'. It draws fresh air from the outside of the room and ventilates hot air to the outside of the room. The nice thing about the airconditioner is I can lower my night time temps to 60'.
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    I used a total of 12 CFLS. Nope, didn't ever need to adjust them. I used a mix spectrum of soft white and daylights. And strategicaly placed them so I'd never have to adjust shit. Which isn't hard to do btw...
    I had made me a fixture using splitters from home depot. I had 6 splitters total, this way I had one in each fixture, and 2 more splitters on each fixture so they could each hold 4 CFL bulbs. Then 2 more on each side for additional side lighting.
    Just ONE Hps light can cost 2x the entire cost of your setup IF you know what you're doing.
    Like I said, HPS isn't the only option. You can get HPS quality bud using anything, so long as you know what your doing and use good judgement. I've pulled off mad yields with CFL and LED. Just as good as if I were to use a HPS.. Without any additional effort. Hell, less effort from what I've experienced.
    Come on, chances are, if someone wants to just experiment with growing, you're seriously saying go out and buy a HPS for your first grow? Totally unnecessary. You do not NEED a HPS to achieve amazing quality buds. Plain and simple. It can be done with anything.

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