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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 20bag, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. I am a complete amatuer and have a few questions.
    #1: COOKIES
    a-is there a special recipe you need to follow when making hash cookies?
    b-can you use the ordinary weed out of a tinnie or do you need to get hash/resin?
    c-does each different part of the plant when eaten give different feelings?
    d-does cooking the cookies stink out the kitchen badly?
    e-is eating dope completely different to smoking it?

    #2: GROWING
    a-where do you get seeds from? do you just pick them out of a tinnie?
    b-how long do they take to grow?
    c-do they die easily, are they frost hardy, what conditions do they like?
    d-do you need a male and a female seed to grow?
    e-would they grow in a pine forest?
    f-would sheep or cows eat the plants if they were in the same paddock as them?

    Thanks a million to whoever takes the time to answer my questions! CHEERS

  2. Well, you can either search the forums for answers, because they are everywhere in here, or you can check the GrowFAQs at Overgrow.

    I seriously reccommend spending at least a month reading over those FAQ's...and if you finish before that, read them again. That site is gold when it comes to basic info and how-to's on every aspect of growing...and once you do that, you can head over here and tell us how it's growing for you. :D
  3. the growguide under my sig will help you for the cooking, i'm not too sure, as i only use hash, and you just crumble that up, and mix in with the dough and add some choc chips....mmmmmmmmm and yes the high from eating weed is completely diffrent from smoking it, much more intense, and longer lasting........if you use weed/hash for digesting, don't plant to do anything for at least 12-14 hours........Peace out.........Sid
  4. um.... What exactly is hash?
  5. Hash is usually the glandular trichomes of cannabis (aka, Kif or Kief), sifted, dried, and pressed (and sometimes cured). There are many ways to make hash; bubblehash, kif boxes, hash presses, hand pressing...and the list goes on. Full-melt bubblehash is touted to bubble while it burns, and literally melts when you smoke it.

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