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Questions On Being A Medical

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by LookinLikeJimi, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. I'm considering getting my med card but i have some questions.  I've talked to people who dont have a med card (i dont personally know anyone who does) but I've heard some strange answers. people say things like "I won't get one because it has too many restrictions" or "i can just get it from my guy why would i get a med card?" i have very bad insomnia which i think is a recognized condition in my state for a card. but i"d like to hear from medical patients. is it worth getting a card? are there any "restrictions"? the only down side for me would be the nearest dispensary is about 20 or 25 miles away from me, where as my dealer is about a mile down the road.  but i like the thought of getting consistently high quality bud from a dispensary, especially if it helps me sleep at night.  if any patients can weigh in here id greatly appreciate it, thank you!

  2. Get your card for sure! Telling us what state your in will help answer some of the other Q's.
  3. I've talked to people who dont have a med card (i dont personally know anyone who does) but I've heard some strange answers. people say things like "I won't get one because it has too many restrictions" or "i can just get it from my guy why would i get a med card?"

    Don't you love talking with people that have no idea what they are talking about. It would be like taking advice from
    Half the kids on here.

    Name a down side to having you card.
  4. Make two lists. One with the restrictions of the med card program. And another with the restrictions of the current prohibition that is still applicable to people without med cards. Should be easy to figure out.
  5. i always say if you can get your rec. then do it. it is the difference of going to your dealers and walking out with a sack of bud. the cops roll up and shake you down. they find your freshly bought reefer. and ask you if you have a rec for this pot. this is the point you get to say yes i do or no i don't officer. then he either hands it back to you and says have a nice day or he gives you a ticket and a court date and keeps your freshly bought reefer. or he slaps the cuffs on ya and takes you to jail. 
    you are restricted from having or using reefer if you do not have your rec.   you are allowed to have and use if you have a rec. easy desicion if you ask me.  do you have your rec yet? then get it. and stop being an outlaw.
  6. " I won't get one because their is too many restrictions" This is an insane statement, you should probibly separate yourself from people who think like that. It's the difference between going to jail or not, sounds like they want to risk going to jail, you should be smarter than this.
  7. Get your card man.  In CO most dispensaries that you go into the first time give you free shit.  That alone is worth it.  Also if you make one your primary care giver they usually give you discounts or free shit.  At mine I got 75$ store credit and 10% off all future purchases. I also get to participate in the following weekly events:
    Frosted mondays (10$/g of caviar)
    Wax Wednesdays (15$/g top shelf wax/budder)
    Dab Thursdays (free half gram of shatter/wax/budder with 50$+ purchase)
    Blunt Fridays (4$ blunts top shelf)
    Cheap sundays (additional 10% off)
    Why wouldn't you get a card?  As far as I know there are no restrictions, atleast in CO.  My friend who has his card recently got accepted into the police force, if you can be a cop with a card I don't see why it should affect much.  I'd get one if I were you, great deals, great weed, no wait, and no middle man.  No complaints yet.
  8. I think he's referring too the limitations put on red card holders by the federal government, not the law in his state.  Like the inability to have a concealed carry card and a red card or the restrictions put on red card holders that makes it so they cannot work in a position in the federal government.  
    My dad, who works for the feds, recently had to fire and employee because he had his red card and they had to go to a nuclear test sight where background checks were done.  They wouldn't let the ex-employee into the test sight because he had his card so my dad had to fire him. 
    Here's what a friend told me (idk if its right at all, never really cared):  The only three people who can see if you have a red card against your will are a dispensary, the police (if they have your #), or the federal government.  If you are referring to job restrictions with a red card I believe you are safe unless you plan to work for the DEA or be another type of federal government employee.
    I actually got my job working in a business setting in Colorado because I had my red card.  They do random drug tests and I obviously failed for THC, but when I mentioned I was "legal according to the state because of medical conditions" I got the job!  
    True though, if cops are pricks about weed in your state get your card.  Cops, in Colorado, honestly couldn't give two shits.  Most would just take your nug and not give you a ticket.  Then you'd decide to go back to the spot that the cop jacked you to check the trash (incase he threw it away) and you'll probably see him smoking your stash in his car with a fat smile on his face.  Happened to me 2 times when I was 17...
  9. you honestly dont know how jealous i am.  Im paying 70 a g for dab and 70 a q for weed.  you west coast people got it so cheap 
  10. What state are you in, hon? It makes a big difference! As an example- California has virtually NO restrictions! Each state has it's own rules and regulations!
    Now there are a lot of good reasons to "get legal" and very few reasons not to! And you never realize what a "bring-down" paranoia is, until it is gone! That first "fear-free" joint is something else! :smoking:
    Go get your card! It IS worth it!
    Granny :wave:
  11. Stop posting and go get your card brother haha
  12. Move to Colorado! You have no idea man.  One place has a game you play after a 50$+ purchase and you can win like up to an O of top shelf if you're lucky.
  13. i'm not sure how your state laws work, but in california you can get a rec from a private/420 doctor. or in the redneck county i live in the only doctor i could find at the time was a county clinic. you can also get a state issued license or you could register with the state after you got a rec from a private doc. i opted to avoid the county and state rec and went to a neighboring county. i am not on a "list" with the county, state,or the federal goverment. why in the hell would anyone want to be or voluneer the info?. and what i disscussed with my doctor is covered by the confidential part of it all.  so stay off the "red" list and go with a 420/private doc.  hopefully this helps.

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