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  1. So i posted earlier asking for opinions on what i need for a new tent set up im gonna be investing in soon. people told me to get 250w HPS/MH's would be the way to go. what is a good one with an air cooled hood? i see the price differences are pretty extreme i mean i know you get what you pay for and all but what are good brands / links to them that i can look at?
    \ni was looking at this 600w but cheap is usually bad hahha. anyways looking at that picture i see the plug in on the left along with standard plug in the front. whats that plug on the left go into? might be stupid question but i want to make an educated decision before i invest the money ya know what i mean? 
    \n\nAlso do you think that this tent will be good for 2 plants?? tent
    \nAnd i know im gonna have to run some air thru ducting shit and filter it out cause i need it to not smell. so i jus use this to run air out of it right? (ducting)
    \nwith this fan?(ducting fan)
    \nAnd an air filter like this?(6 inch carbon air filter) carbon filter
    \n\n\nAm i missing anything that i will need? i know ill need a little house fan inside there to move air around but i want to know if you guys have reccomendations. I appreciate it  :)

  2. That fan might be a bit weak, particularly if you are running 600W. And the light in the link you posted doesn't have an air cooled tube.
  3. Yeah after lookin around more and watching some videos I think I know what I need. And talkib to some friendsSent from my XT1030 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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