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  1. Whats up everyone.

    The other day i was lurking a thread and i was reading about a Helix perc.

    Anyone got any more info on these things??

    Whos making tubes with them? anyone?

    Also, if anyone wants to list different types of percs for me, i know what a dome, tree, halo, disk diffused, gridline percs, but i would like to know more.

    Thanks everyone. pics = rep:D
  2. I'm thinking it would be like an X @___@?
    A guy on another forum said he wanted some blowers to make him an X shaped inline but the blowers said it would be a huge bitch to try and create
  3. it looked more like a twisted up dome perc then an X.

    Come on, someones gatta know what im talking about.

    wheres Closet, 521, and trikky when i need em xD
  4. You mean something like this? [ame=]YouTube - Glass Ashcatcher Goodness[/ame]
    I don't know much about them. Thats how I found this thread is I am asking the same questions.
    And heres a little bit on percs Water pipe percolator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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