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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by GrassCharles, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. Hello ... I got tho questions...

    1) Will a plant gro bigger and faster under a bigger lamp?

    2) Can someone tell me how many grams of weed an indoor adult female plant produce???

  2. more light the better and it depends on the strain and how exp. you are in growing but anywhere from a 1/2 once to well the sky is the limit
  3. 1/ it will grow smaller, but more bushier

    2/ anywhere from 0 to 24oz........but hope for approx 1-2 oz per plant if you veg it long enough

    Peace out..............Sid
  4. Instead of pulling out a whole new thread, im just gonna ask in here.

    Someone, sorry i cant remember who, but they said on here that vegetative plants love the blue spectrum, therefore HPS isnt that good for it...also, i believe it was mentioned that it didnt matter how many watts the light had, just as long as it was blue. Is all this tru? or could i use my HPS for vegetating? or should i break em in with a blue spectrum, and then let them work their way into the HPS? Or maybe a combination of both would be good? Right now, on hand i only have two 48" 34 watt cool this enough, or should i just go HPS?

    Just easily put, what is the best method for vegetative growth? i have floros and HPS...but wondering what the best overall combo would be?

  5. the more the merrier, but the HPS will do from start to finish.......MH is better at veg due to it's blue spectrum, but why buy both when you can get away with one.............young seedlings like a weaker light like the fluros........then the HPS............Peace out........Sid

  6. when growing indoors u tend to find the celing is the limt :)
  7. alright about i keep the seedlings under the floros for about a week...kind introduce them to the world..then after a week, or so, let them get used to the HPS? good idea, or just say screw it, and stick to HPS all the way?

    Btw-they are 2 days old(out of the soil) and i have them under the HPS...Im just lookin for the best way to raise em!!

    Thanks guys!

  8. its safer to start then under fluros but if ther under the hps and doing ok then leave them under it. if u give them a weaker light now they gonna streach.
  9. l love growing seeds and clones under 1000wmlh.:D

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