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  1. Hello I was wondering how much I would Yield From this grow
    FYI THIS IS MY FIRST GROW all kinda very new too me

    please give me the best scenario and the worst scenario
    of weed dry weight

    Currently As of this moment of the post IM 1 Month and 2 days in my flower stage

    KIND LED LIGHT XL750 grow

    6 Plants
    4 TAHOE OG
    2 SFV OG

    Watering Every 2-4 days
    13-14 Weeks Grow Period
    4 Weeks Veg
    8-9 Weeks Flower

    6.2 - 6.4 PH WATERING
    Nutrients for veg and flower
    keeping it very simple

    Humidity 30-40
    Temperature 70-78

    THIS IS everything we do to are plants also a little love too
  2. Got any pics?

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  3. It is really, really hard to say. Unless I'm growing something specifically high yield I like to figure on 30g per plant after drying. Often I wind up with more. That's really just my baseline. In 38 days I'm looking at a Northern Lights that may drop close to a qp just by itself.

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  4. Need to see pics. I get 5-9 oz off a plant but using a scrog. Need to see how you grew them and what they look like.

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