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  1. My plan for this summer is to do a nice little guerilla operation. I live in a relatively average town. We have nice woody patches everywhere, but then we have busy roads everywhere too. I have found a good 15 or so plots that I think would be perfect to put 1 or more plants on. I am not big on going into a National Forest and putting all my eggs in one basket, as such an operation would be doing. My uncle has done an operation similar to what I have in mind for the last 20 years, and has never been busted.

    I do have some questions though about my own ideas, and any advice would be appreciated.

    1. With so many different spots, I would really like to avoid having to go to each spot more than once every couple weeks. I would like to know how much, how often, and what kinds of fertilizers/additives/whatever should be used on a given plant.

    2. After I have a plant coming out of my pots for a couple weeks is when I plan to move them to their locations. I don't plan on having too big of pots, probably no bigger than an average Folger's coffee can, with the bottom cut off so the roots can escape. I assume the roots will go further, but I'd also rather not have to move a bunch of dirt to my locations before I get them in the ground. Is the dirt that important after a certain point (the end of the Folger's can)? I just don't want the plants to be doing just fine, then all of a sudden the roots hit a different type of soil, and they get shocked to where they die or something.

    3. A lot of these spots are in areas that I visited as a young kid. Only once in my life, when I was about 14, a man who owned the property seen me and yelled at me. It was kinda freaky especially because he told me they have the right to shoot trespassers. His is a spot I will be avoiding for my planting purposes, but I do wonder how often guerilla growers have to deal with property owners. If I'm a twenty-something guy walking around on someone's private property, what would be a good thing to use as an excuse for being there? I think I'm pretty good at avoiding detection, but you really just never know, and it would be good to have an alibi.

    4. Me and my grow partner, for our harvest time, plan on going back to most of our spots at night. There's one location that's right off the highway and he's going to have to jump a little fence to make his way to our spot. Does going out at night seem like a 'safer' way of making the harvest then doing it in day?

    That's all I can think of right now, but any advice and criticism will be heeded. In the near future I'll have more as the operatioin unfolds, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
  2. too long to read, why don't YOU read the stickies, also the links under my sig, have a good one.
  3. Want me to shake it for you when u are done. Do some reading. These have all been answered millions of times
  4. answer1..the plant will let you know its feeding cycle..planted inground plants absorb much much slower then in dont nute too often, you will run the risk of a nute build up in the soil...

    answer2..soil/dirt always a factor..thats why "gorilla" growers really put a lot of time in location choice..considering your stealing land you wont be able to access and soil prep as you would your land..marijuana will grow its a tough plant..

    answer3..walking around with a dog leash"looking for your puppy that just ran off" is always a good way to explain why you are where you are...

    answer4..yes...for obvious reasons...good luck

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