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Questions for the experienced daily smokers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Daft Funk, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. So I have a problem. I've been vaping weed daily for a year and a half now. Been vaping all together for about 4 years. I recently stopped vaping all together because I feel I have developed a problem. 
    Here is my life right now: Wake up noon, eat nothing for breakfast, shower, sit on my laptop for 3-4 hours, play guitar for 45 minutes, eat something small quick, go to work until 10pm, come home, vape half a trench in my MFLB, eat, and then constantly vape and watch TV/Play PS4 until 3am, and repeat. 
    \nNo exercise, no reading, eating unhealthy, going to bed really late, etc. Basically a terrible lifestyle. All that coupled with weed, and its no wonder I sleep too much, my mind feels foggy, I have a little trouble with conversations, and have bad memory.
    Well I want to change all that. I'm currently taking a two month T-Break to let my brain zero out. After that I'd like to go back to daily use but would honestly be fine with a few times a week.
    \nMy question is, for those of you who are out of college and working successful white collar jobs, how do you smoke daily and not have a foggy mind, trouble waking up/sleeping too long, etc?
    \nWould exercising daily, eating healthy, reading more, limiting my use of electronics A LOT (like down to an hour a day), taking supplements like fish oil and b-complex, and going to bed earlier get rid of a lot of the negative side effects I am feeling? I also don't drink nearly as much water as I should.
    \nI recently bought a very nice exercise bike that I want to use for 30 minutes to an hour a day for exercise. I plan to only watch TV during that time and somedays after work (depending on how I feel). I'll only check reddit for 15 minutes once a day (GASP!), I plan on using the rest of my free time during the day to read books and play guitar. I want to do this all winter and most of spring. Just read a ton of books and play guitar. I also want to start meditating daily for a half hour in the morning.
    \nDo you think all these things will help get rid of my side effects? Anything I should add?
    \nTL;DR: I have a shitty lifestyle and vape weed daily. I have a foggy mind and sleep way too long. If I add daily exercise (45 minutes on a good exercise bike), eat healthy, read instead of watch TV, take fish-oil and B-complex, and meditate daily, will I get rid of the foggy mind and longer-than-usual sleep?

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  3. I have lost jobs from smoking too much daily because I would get so wasted, that I would sleep through the alarm clock and not show up for work.
    I suggest a day job 9-5 bankers hours. Eating healthy. Getting enough sleep and exercise. If you do not do these things, you may end up like me. And nobody wants to end up like me.
  4. Smoke pure sativas, mate.
  5. People vary, we've got multiple versions of prescription drugs which do the same thing for the simple reason that the same drug might impact two different people in different ways. Pot is similar, just because it works this way for me doesn't mean that it will for you. But it did apply for me.
    What I found was that it wasn't the pot, it was the more lifestyle itself. I used to keep myself pretty busy both dealing with people on a regular basis and self educating, science, drug war, stuff like that. As long as I stayed active it seemed to be self regulating. If I was hot and heavy in a debate or researching an issue I probably smoked less without really thinking about it and when I did smoke it didn't seem to get in the way as far as I could tell.
    When I did get effects similar to what you discuss is when I took a break, the debates started to get to me and I just took a couple of weeks off. After a time I'd find myself starting to feel the similar to what you describe and when I got active again it might take days to get back into the swing of it.
    It's probably not all of it, but I suspect for many of us and certainly for me it's more a matter of lifestyle. If I smoke while staying active I'm fine, veg and I started to suffer for it.
  6. You might try waiting until after work to blaze.
    Stay up later after you get off of work and don't go to bed until about 9 hours before you have to go to work. Get up a hour before work, stay straight, take time to eat a decent breakfast and go to work.
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    Eat right and get lots of exercise, sleep, and water (at least 10 bottles a day)

    Trust me. Do it and youll feel better. And when i say exercise i mean do your heavy lifting workout, and then do your cardio as a whole seperate workout because thier both important.

    And..i know its not appealing to eat in the morning. But force yourself to have at least one serving of something whole grain whenvyou wake up. Itll spark your metabolism (thus appetite) for the rest of the day.
  8. I vape daily while working and going to school. If I do not vape on a daily basis, I feel like shit, but I use for medical reasons. That being said, I eat very well, run, and box. I think you already know the changes you need to make, but good luck. :)
  9. I'm functional and high, however when I do have to focus I tend to forget small things. I ride my bike daily, sometimes in the saddle for 6 hours at a time. it depends on the strain, some strains have me high 3 hours into riding or working. Some strains I'll blow it in the first hour. I would sleep better, try changing your sleep schedule an hour at a time. Maybe you just need some sleep and sativa strains.
  10. This is probably not the popular answer but it is an honest one. Like many have said, what works for me may not work for you; like the old gasoline commercials used to say, your mileage may vary.
    Retired now but was highly functional, highly successful (job-wise) and highly high for about 14 years during and after the dot-com boom in SoCal. By highly functional I mean producing patents in disease research, artificial intelligence and so on. By highly successful I mean I was sole means of support for me and my disabled wife in a bizarre job market and never went unemployed. By highly high, I was doing a QP of top-shelf a month, starting my days at 05:00am with a 3ft bong and ending them the same way around midnight. Worked by ass off the hours in-between and only stopped smoking long enough to go to meetings (god I loved telecommuting). Worked hard, played harder. Pretty much every waking moment of every work day was designing software, solving problems, etc. Brain stuff.
    I told you that to tell you this. For all the great stuff that seemed to be happening above, the physical side of things went to hell, got diabetes, etc. The key take-away here is that the brains ability to perform is assisted by the body but fixing the body is IMHO no sure path to fixing the mind. I shared the above to demonstrate that separation...I suspect if you change your lifestyle etc you will/maybe feel better but will you mind be more agile or simply more bored? Like playing your guitar for an empty room. Sometimes its cool but...
    So what was the brain-fuel in my case? I am uneducated as hell, just kinda make shit up as I got, always have so there isn't some well-spring of natural talent here. If there are Naruto fans here, I am more like Rock Lee, no natural talent but by throwing myself on my sword physically I tend to get there anyways.. No what really makes the difference for me was simply being OCD about something I love to do (hacking)...and that may be the bit that is missing from your formula. Not the hacking, the desire and drive to do something specific, not sure what it would be for you but for me it was puzzle-solving...kept the brain from baking too much and waking up every day fired up about what you are doing lets the pot be a passenger in your day and not the driver...
  11. The equations is a simple one. Too much of ANYTHING will tip the scale...and what you want is a perfect balance in life....that applies to anything (except money). Ya just gotta moderate.

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