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  1. Wats up GC? Just have a few questions for outdoor growing. Ive grown outdoors in FLA before and had success with vegging them, thats when i was a foolish youngster and didnt know much, only had two grows i really cared for that made it into flowering but i stopped caring for one girl for about a week cuz my spot was deep in the woods and after work it was dark out already so i really had no time. When i went to check on her she was dead and she was about two weeks into flowering and would have done nice. the heat zapped her in a week. And the other one was only about a foot tall and i started her the beginning of july, didnt start budding until the end of august and was either pollinated by a near male or was a hermy. The bud off that was like sum regs. But lemme get to the point. Average temp in the summer here is 90degrees and humidity is about 90percent. it stays pretty hot here by the end of october and just starts cooling down by mid november and starts warming back up by the end of Febuary. What strains will handle the heat and humidity best outdoors? And wat would be the best time frame/period to grow in FLA? thanx in advance;)
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    i'd say best time i now. plant in late april or early-mid may. as for strains, check on the seed banks websites they usually have some pretty good info on their strains

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