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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by brian8472, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. any of you big time growers tell me this:

    what is the most reliable way to germinate in cup water? what do i put it on ? ive been useing a comp monitor or my shaw cable box (ma' fucker gets hot ) but they get this gelatinous shit on them that spreads to other seeds then they bloat up and never sprout
  2. What I do is: take a glass of luke warm water with a drop of Super Thrive. Put the seeds in and let stay overnight. The next day, stir gently and select the seeds who have sunken. Seeds that keep floating are probably 'dead' seeds.
    Prepare some peat moss pots with a good quality humid garden soil and put one seed in each pot. Put them in a tray and store at a dark and warm (not hot) place until they sprout. After that you can put them under light.
    Good luck!
  3. I aint a big time grower or anything but i think i know wot ure talking about,
    that gelatinous shit is probably some sort of fungus and more than likely it killed the seeds and thats why they didnt sprout, how long did u leave the seeds in the water for?
  4. 1 week 2 days i seperated the ones that did from the ones that didnt but aparently they were infected too i need to know how to prevent this fungus shit from growing in my cups
  5. U could add a very(Very) small drop of bleach in the water to sterilise it and that should stop fungus growing in it.
    Just 1 drop will do!
    Ever Germinate using the paper towel method? less problems!
    Hope that helps
  6. HIGH All, well 1 week is too long...if they havn't germed in a few days..some might be bad. Another thing is the shell could be too hard for the water to penetrate it..very gently rub a emery board or sandpaper on one side of the seed...scuffing it....gently ok..then do what you do.

    Seeds should germ within 24hrs to 72hrs after that if some still have'nt germed in the soil they go..if they live great.
  7. Use the paper towel method. It works the best. I usually have most of my seeds pop within 48 hours doing it this way. I just had 18 of 20 White Rhino seeds germinate within the last 72 hours and 3 have already broken the surface. Seedling heat mats are the key to success. Temperature has to be perfect. They only cost like $20.
  8. yep wot they said ^
    Paper towel method is the way to go!
  9. HIGH All, yea use the paper towel.

    Guess what I'm doing right now...yup going to put this to a test...done it Already but hey, I'll do it again.
  10. I soak my seeds for maybe 2 hours in water then.
    I make a sandwich of papertowels place seeds about 1/2 inch apart place in a warm dark place after three days they sprout.
    I also use a petri dish type of container so the water doesn't evaporate and make sure the paper is not sticking out.
    You can peek at them after 2 days if you want and if they are early risers your ready to go.
    Plant them with the outgrowths pointing down only about 1/4" growing soil they will do the rest sometimes I allow the seed heads to lay just under the soil a bit.

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