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    Atheist don't believe in faith. Then why do Atheist put faith in the states?

  2. Since it something observable, they mistakenly believe they are believing in something real.

    Not all atheists are statists though.
  3. This makes no sense at all.
  4. I'm so confused right now

  5. I like your sig.
  6. Atheism, the word itself, explains what it means...

    if Asexual, means nonsexuality

    then atheism, means non theistic, not believing in theism, which is belief in one or more deities....

    come on lol, has nothing to do with faith

  7. Atheists often reject theism on the grounds that it's based on faith, and faith isn't good enough.

    Op is questioning why faith is good enough to support one idea on and not another.
  8. Faith in the states? Am I missing something here? If you mean atheists have faith in the states to do what's right this question is stupid. The states are controlled by tangible things, people. Believing in something like God that isn't tangible is a totally different thing. It isn't faith, it's trust. Plus I don't trust the states anyway...

  9. because the ideas are completely different....

    one is belief in a omnipotent being in the deep reaches of space who controls some or all things and or created some or all things and having a devout following of the rules said being has laid out for whoever

    one is having faith in tangible, known to exist things of which are made up of the same things as the believer in such faith (people)

    so if someone has no faith in one thing, do they automatically have to have zero faith at all? Hell no they dont lol

  10. Obvious misunderstanding of what it means to be an Athiest...... We can have faith. We can have faith very easily. Faith in family, friends. Faith in a almighty high being?? Its laughable. I laugh while reading the bible. Dead ass.

  11. The state is almighty high being that people most turn out to believe.

  12. No, bi if faith alone is not enough, then logic is all you have left.

    Both statism and theism are relatively devoid of logic. So it seems a paradox to believe in one and not the other.

  13. having confidence in something you can not see, and has no proof to exist vs something that does

    not the same lol

    apples and oranges guys

  14. The state is imaginary, meaningless border but to aid the gov reason and power.

  15. the idea of the state is just that, an idea, but what its made up of is not..... lol

    and just an fyi, im not saying i have faith in "the state", i just think its ridiculous to argue if you have no faith in x, you therefore can not have faith in y
  16. Taking a position on a testable and observable theory doesn't really count as faith. Taking a position on an untestable theory (divinity) does.
  17. The state is a mystical creature that provide nothing good for the citizens. It's been proven through out centuries. We don't need another testing grounds to make sure if it's working as intended.
  18. The state is not a mythical creature, it's a structure of government. While it may not have worked it's still testable, divinity isn't. That's the difference. It's not faith, it's just an incorrect observation based on data.
  19. Atheism is a lack of faith in a deity. It has a very specific definition, and you can't change the definition of a word to fit whatever argument du jour you want it to fit.

    A 'state' is a multi-faceted system of laws and bodies of governance designed by people. These individual components can be statistically measured, disproved, challenged, improved, corrupted, questioned, and changed over time. Some of these components work, some don't. It doesn't take 'faith' to see that, it takes objective analysis.

    Whether or not you agree with it, has nothing to do with faith in the theological sense.

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