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Questions for any Volcano owners

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by El Jugador, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Hello, thinking of getting one, but just a few casual questions first. :)

    1.) The smell.

    I heard vaporizers in general have little smell, and some smell like popcorn or something. But what specifically does the volcano vapors smell like?

    2.) Vapors in the bag.

    That bag looks pretty intense when it's full. How long can you keep the vapors in there still potent? 10 mins? An hour? Say...I'm looking at the full bag and I'm thinking "my friend would love some of this", could I drive it over to his house or something? (Hypothetical question)

    Thanks guys!
  2. I was wondering this too, I'd like some input too.
  3. doesnt really smell bad
    i woudl compare to making firecrackers. it smells very lightly but not like the normal stench
    with one sented candle i feel it covers the smell of any smoke session at mi casa.

    as for the time in the bag
    i wouldnt leave smoke in there. it gets less dense and i assume u do lose some cause plastic doesnt seal stuff. its looks less cloudy when u get baked and forget about the bag.
    the more experience volcano user creats the carcano by adding an ac adapter to your car.

    i love mine. honestly the best investment in smoking. uses so little to fill bag multiple times. u can make budder with you vaped duff. 13g per stick of butter. and just healthier for u.
  4. Thanks! Appreciate it.
  5. yea my buddy has a volcano so heres what i can tell you about it...

    1.) it tastes slightly wierd(i prefer the different tastes of different bud)

    2.) you can basically use any bud, and it will get you super high

    3.) not sure about how long it will stay potent but the bag that comes with it will hold, i wanna say around 7-10 hits (from memory)

    4.) by far one of the best investments you can invest in because it doesn't waste and weed and if you desperate, you can smoke whats left after the vaporizer gets done with it.

    im not sure what the recommended temp is for it but i heard around 3xx(the temp THC vaporizes at) - 400 degrees. i think any higher and youll roast the weed and wont be able to get as much out of it but dont quote me. the last vape that you can do to the weed should be at a high temp though
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    The vapors smell like burnt popcorn, but the taste when inhaling is almost negligible.

    439*F is the temperature I run the Volcano Digital at, and I've found the higher temperature really gets me super baked. This high temperature does not scorch the weed and ruin the taste, however. The thick vapors are sooo epic, and you still get about 5 bags out of a bowl. The only downside is that the higher temperature is slightly harsher on your throat (pretty minor though). For the record, THC vaporizes at 392*F, so any higher than this is technically not necessary. But if you try the Volcano at 439 you'll know why I suggested it.

    The higher the potency of the bud you use, and the finer you grind it up, the higher you will get from the vapors. think vapors = trichomes + surface area

    You can keep the vapors in the bag for about 10 minutes, any longer and they may lose potency. I would highly recommend passing around the bag and inhaling all of the vapors immediately after inflating it, for maximum potency and longest bag life. The problem with leaving the vapors in the bag is that a yellow film builds up on the inside of the bag over time, which contributes to the need for replacing the bag.
  7. dude... how can someone own a volcano.. It's like a fricken mountain of fire
  8. I find that you get a different view of the taste of the bud when you vape it. For instance, I had some lemon kush a while back and it rocked when I vaped it cause it it had a citrusy taste to it.
  9. Thanks everyone! Appreciate your input, lots of useful information there dkong911. ;)
  10. 1. you can get a good taste of the bud. if its vaporized at a higher temperature it will smell like popcorn. the smell of the vapor can be quickly aired out of a room.

    2. I have had it in the bag for atleast an hour and hit it and i still got high. where can the thc go? its stuck in the bag. another awesome part is that the first hit is just as good as the last.

    3. get a solid valve kit with it so you can make any size bag. a 3 foot bag can get around 15 good hits

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