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  1. about 15 days ago I stumbled upon a seed in my weed that I decided to plant. I did basic research to get started, and today it is 10 days old. I'm very happy with Ted's progression so far, and I have little to worry about but I do have a few general concerns. One, his stem seems to be slightly reddish at the bottom (see photo). I don't know if this is a bad thing as the rest of him looks quite healthy. I also have concerns over the vessel I chose to plant him in. I've been very attentive and have definitely not over-watered, but there is no drainage (again, in photos). I'm wondering if I should put him in a bigger container, the mason jar I used is only a few inches long on each side. Ted's roots have also reached the bottom, but don't appear root-locked.
    Going forward are there any changes I should make to Ted's living conditions? I grow him in doors, but use the massive amounts of sun I get during the day to provide him with light. After about 6pm I move him under an LED light, until around 1-3am when I go to sleep. He stays in darkness until sunrise at about 5-6.

  2. To be short and sweet, red stems on a seedling are completely normal. As for your container of choice to plant in, a mason jar has clear sides and roots need DARKNESS. Also a seedling and plant in vegetative growth need around 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness until you are ready to flower her at which point you'll switch lights to 12 on, 12 off.

    P.S. give your plant a girl name. It's the ladies that give us that beautiful bounty we are all working for.

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  3. Yes - get yourself some really good quality soil and a pot that has drainage holes...

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  4. How big should the container be? Also, what is the best way to transplant it? Should I try and delicately dig it out of the soil?
  5. First buy yourself a sack of GOOD QUALITY soil at your local greenhouse, nursery, etc

    It's important to make sure that you have a soil that is rich in nutrients and drains well!

    I'd grab a 1 gallon black plastic nursery pot. Fill it halfway to 2/3 full of soil. Put your fingers over the top of your glass container so that the plant is between your fingers but so that your hand is securing the soil. Tip it upside down and shake it once, hard and it will come out. (Gently) drop it in the new soil, top it off with soil and keep it moist under good lighting.
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  6. there is a serious problem. how will you get the plant out of the glass jar ? it will not dump out will kill the boots . i guess you will have to break the glass with a hammer or so on . lol crazy mistake and clear is not good for roots .
  7. Yeah that's what I'm thinking. Luckily if I don't care if the mason jar is in tact, just the plant. For now I have surrounded it in a black shirt that will keep the roots in darkness. Transplanting it soon, I'll let you know how it goes.

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