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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DriftingApart, May 18, 2010.

  1. I just have a couple simple questions..its not that i don't know them, i just don't want to assume that i know them, because this is my first time starting indoors and i don't want to mess it up.

    First off, does the plant go into the veg stage as soon as there is a change in energy? Such as if i take it from a floro to CFLs, does that automatically count as the first day of veg or has it always been in veg from the moment it sprouted?

    Second, how long should i leave the lights on. I'm starting out with about 50w from CFLs (2 23w) on my 5 seedlings, (i know that they are going to need at least 50w per plant when they get taller, but until then i'm only putting two lights on them.) should i do 18/6 or 24/0?

    I had more questions, but i forgot them because i'm high. I'll post them if i remember them/ if they're important.
  2. I would agree that the time the veg starts is after it sprouts.

    I would leave them on 24/0 for a few weeks, then go 18/6 until flowering and then 12/12 of course. :hello:
  3. Ah, good idea. Now, the plant goes into flowering when YOU trigger it? Such as, the plant can be in veg from 30 days to like 90 days, and any time in between, when you change the lighting scedule to 12/12 and change the spectrum colour, it switches over to flowering?

  4. Exactly.

    (unless it's an autoflowering strain, then that's a whole different story) :p
  5. Thanks. One more question that just came to my mind, is it nessessarily a bad thing if the leaves are bending slightly downward? Like they haven't changed colour or anything, they're just bending down a little. The only reason i ask is because i transplanted them two days ago.
  6. If it's jut after a transplant, it could be a bit of shock, or over-watering.

    How are you watering the plants?
  7. I watered them right after i planted them, and i watered them throughly, until it drained out the bottom. Haven't watered them since. That was two days ago.

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