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  1. I have this plant growing in my balcony under the sun. The natural sun hours are 13-11 right now. And summer is just starting. I don't want to wait till winter to induce flowering naturally. I plan to shine a light on for 5 hours after the sun is down in the evening until I want to induce flowering when I will stop giving the artificial light.
    Will this work? Will this work well?
    Do I need to get a proper light will shining a flashlight work?
    How close do I need to put the light? I don't want the plant to stretch.
    I was initially thinking of letting the plant grow under natural light and bring it in early everyday so that it gets less light. But hauling the plant in everyday is not something I want to do.
    I want to induce flowering when the plant is just under a foot so that the final size of the plant is not over 3 foot. My understanding of how this work is sub par so help me out.
    Quantity is not a factor. All I care about is quality.
  2. Will this work? Will this work well? Will it work? sure it will. As long as your taking care of it and its getting light, I dont see why it wouldnt.... about how well it will work, eh - I've never tried to grow off of sunlight before, so I'm not really sure how successful those types of grows go.
    Do I need to get a proper light will shining a flashlight work? Absolutely. A flashlight will NOT work. If you want just enough light to keep it awake, Get 2 or 3 CFL bulbs, and put a desklamp or 2 next to the plant. CFL and Fluorescent tubes are the cheapest, useable light sources.
    How close do I need to put the light? I don't want the plant to stretch. With CFL's and fluoro's .... about 2-4 inches away. They dont give off much heat so its okay to have them very close to the plants like that
  3. Not if you live in the northern hemisphere it won't. Days are going to be getting longer and longer for several months, so outdoor plants are subject to the sun's schedule not yours. You cannot "induce" flowering outdoors, the sun does it for you, on it's own schedule. If you want to induce flowering then you will either need to bring the plant in every day after it has had enough light or you need to grow indoors and control the lights. To induce and keep a plant in flowering you need a good 12 hours each day of total darkness (not just lack of direct sunlight), and that won't happen again naturally outdoors for many months.
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    I live 2000 kilometers above the equator. Not extreme northern hemisphere. The longer days are when the sun rises at 0500 hours and set at 1900 hours. Thats 15 hours. A reduction from 18-6 to 15-9. Any idea how I can work around the problem? Its gonna be a pain to find a completely dark area inside the house.
  5. Hey brother all they need is half an hour to an hour of light with one floro bulb to stop flowering. It's pretty easy to keep em vegging
  6. Sorry one hour of light a few hours into the dark period is what I meant
  7. To keep in vegging is not the objective. I have to start and keep them in flowering.
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    It's been done, and it can work, but it's not always very successful... you would need to COMPLETELY black out 12 hours of each day, and soon with an ever-increasing light schedule (meaning that light leaks, if you have any, will grow in duration rather than shrink... a light leak from the sun is bad enough, but one that starts happening earlier and earlier, or continues later and later, is even worse!).

    To top it off, it's also getting progressively warmer if it's just spring now where you are. If you just cover your plants with a dark or thick tarp, rather then removing them entirely to a dark and cool location, it's going to be even hotter during those initial 'dark hours' when you have them covered.

    You can cover them just after sunset when it cools down to begin with, but if you want a consistent schedule you're going to have to keep in mind that the sun is staying out progressively later and later, as well as rising earlier and earlier.... meaning that if you're covering at the same time to maintain 12/12, they'll be exposed to more and more heat as they are covered first, for only a few minutes, then eventually for hours before the sun finally sets, and after it rises again in the morning.

    The plants are not only triggered by light, but their capacity for flower growth is also controlled, and either hastened or stunted, by heat and the time of exposure... even many indoor growers, who have started bloom this time of year and a bit later, have waited for flowers for months after initiating 12/12, with just a few slow and spindly stretching buds to show for it, only to find out that their environment is not controlled, and they have not been taking the daily increase in temperature into consideration. Some plants won't bloom at all, and some plants put off 'foxtails' and spindly, stretching buds and calyxes connected and separated by long stems, whose trichomes never fully ripen.

    Another somewhat common temperature-conflicting issue that indoor growers run into comes along with a reverse light schedule, similar in part to what you'll be trying to accomplish (ie 'lights on' during our night, 'lights off' during our day), where the grower finds out weeks, or even months after the fact, while stuck in a perpetual stretchy-veg, that their daytime temps have been a bit too cool, compared to their hotter night temps.

    Long story short (TL;DR), in order to ensure the onset of flower for most strains, and for the largest, best, most dense, and healthiest cannabis flowers, you need to be sure that it is cooler during their 'dark phase' than it is during their 'day phase'. A few degrees warmer at night may not matter quite as much for a hot climate sativa, but a cold climate indica may not trigger at all under the same conditions. :)

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