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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mortiis11, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. i see alot of people asking questions about how much will your plants yeild varying from "i have a 2ft ww how much will i yeild" to some with a bit more info.. though this still isnt enough so i though i should put this up here.

    even with all the info you have , strain , lights, growing medium, nutes, method (lst,sog,scrog,topping,fim) it is still not enough info to acurately give an idea of yeild.

    Even in identical setups there are far to many variables that will effect your yield that will vary from grow to grow such as growing expierence, how well your light is distributed around the plant, root system, air quality ect.. the best bet to get a rough estimate would be to use the search and have a look for similar grows even then i wouldnt use this to judge what your going to yield.

    so PLEASE PLEASE stop asking what will i yeild.wait it out and find out for yourself how much your able to get :wave: happy growing
  2. Agreed. No one can tell you what you are going to yield. A lot or a little, somewhere in between. For all the begineers out there, please read all the stickies before you ask any questions and use the SEARCH function!
  3. If you have a bit, .. of Experience, .. With the Right Strain, ..

    You can get Easy, .. 3 Oz Per plant.

    Same rule fore all Mediums.

    Just let them do there time .. ..

    Like anther day, .. in the park .. .. :)
  4. How much do you think I'll yield from my garden?:p
  5. I think each grower has a goal on what they want to produce and some like to talk about it while others don't. But the bottom line is some people like to speculate and while others don't; but posting this in the beginners grow forum doesn't stop the question being asked. Pop it in grow journals makes more sense....

    And like the old saying goes don't count your chickens before they hatch is something good to live by in my opinion.

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