Questions about xtc and decisions.

Discussion in 'General' started by JustChill84, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Well tomorrow I'm picking up some bud and I only have 55 I can spend. My guy has gotten some xtc for 25 its "triple coated" or something of the sort. You guys think I should buy a eighth of the best shit for 55 or some mids and the xtc? I've always wanted to try x. And with x can you keep your cool around people if you need to?
  2. People will most likely know you're rolling, or atleast anyone who knows anything about drugs. I'd get the fire bud. Who would you be rolling with?
  3. I'd most likely be rolling with my gf since she has been wanting to try it also.
  4. I'd do that then and get a half 8 of dank :) forget the mids.
  5. Triple stacks aren't real man, it's all marketing.. ecstacy is never even pure unless you have a really good hook up. I would roll with your girl that is something that can be a lot more fun than weed.
  6. X wouldnt be something I'd try around any chick, especially one I didnt wanna fuck up a relationship with, cause it's supposted to make u horny as fuck an act like a dumbass about it.

    Then again, I like my penis, so no X for me period.

    Get the dank shit, and smoke it with your girl for a memorable, perdictible, experiance.
  7. Neither of you will regret doing it trust me, how can you say that weed is a memorable experience compared to ecstasy? If you don't get her pregnant I don't see how rolling would damage their relationship, it will make your relationship a lot stronger.
  8. Fuck 25 a pill...

    You're gettin reamed, I'd hit him in the mouth.
  9. Fuck, I get 4 bomb-ass pills for $25 and that's not even at a discount.
  10. If you and your girlfriend roll, you'll probably end up having sex. Wrap it up please.
  11. Triple stacks are real in the case that your dealer isn't just talking his shit up.

    One stack = 100mg.

    So a triple stack = 300mg pill. Which exist. I've weighed them.
  12. You're right but usually they just say that so you'll buy it
  13. lol but u can tell the diffrence between a plain x pill and a tripple stack though...X PUT HOLES IN UR BRAIN! Shit i had to quit it..people i done grew up wit all they do is pop pills now. 1 or 2 or 3 dont even get em fucked up now they done lost so much of there brain they're poppin 4 & 5. shits crazy and they talk like they're fucking retarded. Talk so slow and they just be stutterin alot. But shit its a hell of a drug i love the high its amazing...but i'd rather sip lean and blow dro to feel good.
  14. No it doesn't that propaganda, you seriously think anything will put a HOLE in your BRAIN? It can make you dumb no doubt but nobody can tell what's really in a roll except for a lab. You have no idea what kind of drugs they put into them when you buy it, a lot of times they put no mdma into them at all.
  15. Repeated use does not put holes in your brain. WHat it does is depletes neurotransmitters in certain areas, reducing brain activity on the scans, they appear as holes.

    But abuse of ecstacy is a horrible thing.

    It loses meaning after doing it so often. It's liek a once or twice a year thing.
  16. exactly..thats why udont kno if its propaganda. X pills are 10 years a pill for nothing LOL i think not bruh. some pills have heroin speed cocaine all dat shit prolly even crack
  17. usually they have meth dxm and caffeine actually, read what the guy posted before you
  18. What the fuck?
    How do people buy into this shit?
    X puts holes in your brain?
    Shrooms bleeds your brain?

    No, no. Your brain can't be physically torn apart by orally taking a small drug.
  19. THANK YOU man I keep hearing this shit all over and I'm just like wow come on how the hell can you believe this shit?
  20. x does have some unpleasant effects on the brain, holes in inconclusive. triple stack or double stack is a made up term, it means that there is more of a cut and less of waht you want. if you fiend for a roll, look for molly's, or pure mdma. ive done it plenty of times, and no one compares to the first few times i did it, so i stopped that shit.

    wts- "Your brain can't be physically torn apart by orally taking a small drug." sure it can, you dont know whats in your beans, i knew some chemists who would make really fire ones, than put some fucked up shit in them. that statement is so wrong. like any street drug, there could be anything in your shit hurting your brain, and you wont know till its too late

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