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  1. Alright growers so I have a few questions about when it is about time to harvest.
    I am growing outdoor and it is my first time. I have heard in several videos about curing the buds in the end but idk about why and how you should do it?
    I am also a little bit confused because I have heard that before you start to dry the plants, you should set them in a dark room without any light for 2 days? And the last question is about how the drying process should be done.
  2. The 48 hr dark is, at least in my opinion, is nothing more than a technique for accelerating ripening. For commercial growers the 48 hour dark allows your plants to keep ripening while other plants occupy the flower room, providing more efficient use of lights.

    In a personal setting I find simply giving plants extra growing time with lights is simpler and equally effective. 2-3 more days under lights is fine by me. I harvest when I see all orange pistils on my buds and splattering of amber trichomes. Generally longer is better. If you think they might need more time, they need more time.

    When comes to drying I refuse to follow any guide that involves putting your buds in jar early and then having to burp the jars. I set my humidified up in a grow tent, humidify to about 60% RH with the vent fan running 15 mins every hour (I live in a very dry climate with very little mold, if you live in wetter climate go with 50% RH) and just let it hang for about 2-3 weeks. I check on the humidifiers and bud every couple days. I jar after about two weeks and don’t open jars again until ready to smoke it.
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  3. Okay, how do i see when the buds are ready to smoke (in the jar), and should the weed be dried in a dark room or do that not that matter?
  4. Yes, dark and COLD matters. UV and high temps will damage trichomes which contain THC and terpenes. My buds are basically on the wet side of smokeable before I put them in the jar. I know b/c I smoke some before they go into the jar.

    My small bugs are dry after about 8 days and the big ones are dry around 2-3 weeks. Basically by keeping my RH round 60% I’m going for a slow dry anyway, a couple extra days hanging in the dark cold tent at 60 RH wont do any harm. Again I would recommend you go for a lower RH if you live in a climate with mold, nothing molds in this hot dry desert I’m in right now.

    FYI when I say cold I mean 50-70 F.
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  5. I jar because for me it's easier to maintain humidity that way but I also keep a hygrometer in the jar and don't burp unless the humidity is too high. Curing by hanging at a controlled 60% humidity does the same thing, it may be better because there's no danger of mold.
  6. I'm in a dry environment and I don't have like a ton of I have to use techniques to achieve the same results as someone with a drying room..
    This is my 3rd harvest and i didn't get it right the first 2 times for SUREE lol
  7. My humidifier was about $40 and my full set up with a cycle of power was under 1k.

    Mostly drying is all about going slow. Don’t wet trim if you are in a dry climate, it speeds up drying too much.
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  8. Here's a tutorial that helped me a lot when I began Clockworx dry/cure method (step by step)
    I set up my room so it avg 65f/50-60rh and there's a good amount of moving air not directly hitting buds - that's the best way to prevent mold. If you can get the herb to dry to curing dryness in two weeks, consider it golden. I finish curing in turkey bags locked up tight in 5 gallon food grade buckets w/gamma lids. Keeps buds in the dark and airtight. My herb from last season has only gotten better with time.
  9. I also do things on the cheap - dried in a small room w/ a portable ac and fans blowing over water to get the rh up. It's more of an art form at that point. Artisan weed! 20181024_120636.jpg
    If you're feeling brave you can always try a Malawi-style cure, which is what I did with this one -
    20190604_085750.jpg 20190604_085656.jpg
    Herb done this way lasts forever and decarbs it to a greater degree than jar-cured, making it effective as an edible as-is. I explain the process in the link in my sig if anyone is interested. Shakas
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