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Questions about weed in college.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Finn TheHuman, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone :wave:, I'm nearing the end of senior year and I will be leaving to college soon and I have a few questions for you college stoners. I'm not going to ask if it's hard to get a dealer blah blah because I know there is always going to be ways to get it no matter what college.

    I want to know, how risky is it to keep weed and weed-related items (bowls, bongs, etc...) in my dorm on campus. Do they ever bring dogs through them, like in highschool? Do the maids or the head of the dorms ever search rooms? And is it easy to hide everything?

    Also, I know alcohol is way more prevalent in college, so is it hard to find smoke spots? And is it normal to smoke at a party there or not? Sorry if these are stupid questions but I'm pretty curious and I know a lot of you on here have experience. And yes, I know it will vary from college to college but I would still like to hear input/experiences etc...

  2. keeping weed in ur room is straight.. my school was madd lax about it.. i dont live in a dorm anymore but

    we use to burn blunts in the hallways... smoked blunts/bong in the room all day.. never toweled the door.. no fans.. just popped open the window.. never worried about smoke detectors..
  3. depends on where you go to college really. Sports oriented colleges won't check. I don't know about big fancy academic colleges though.
  4. This. I went to a college where you could pretty much smoke openly on campus and nobody gave a fuck, not security, not professors. Most of my friends went to a college where they searched the rooms and I know of at least one person who was kicked out of the dorms there ...
  5. I live in a dorm, and they never search peoples rooms. Never seen dogs around either. Just keep it in a drawer and you'll be fine.
  6. It all depends on the school. I keep weed, paraphernalia, everything in my dorm room and i've never been questioned/ searched. If you want to play it safe like me, only smoke off- campus. Lucky for me there's a very chill spot a couple minutes away, so find one of those. Be careful who knows you smoke, personally only my roommate and friends do. It's not something to talk about in the dorm hall so the RA can hear, plus you never know who's a snitch. Keep it on the DL.

    As for getting searched, it's veeery unlikely. As long as there's no evidence that you smoke, there's no reason for anyone to suspect you. I've never even seen a cop in my building, because RA's usually don't want to make a big deal of things and let them slide. People get rolled on all the time for alcohol and receive nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

    There are usually other people smoking at a party, and if you're matching/ throwing down some cash, you'll be making friends in no time! I should say though, getting busted for alcohol is preferable to getting busted with weed. Alcohol could get you a warning, but weed might get you suspended, or worse. Again, it depends on the college.

    Hide your stuff in plain sight, or in a hard to reach place. I keep my kit with lighters, weed, papers, etc. in plain sight, and my bong stuffed in the back of my closet, wrapped in a towel (because of the smell).

    Good luck, and don't worry too much :smoke:
  7. I keep my weed in my closet or in the drawer...nobody checks anything. Make sure to mask the smell though.

    It isn't hard to find a smoke spot.
  8. I smoke my bubbler in my car in the dorm parking lot usually or just drive around as I smoke a jay, and you can usually find a j circle at parties
  9. You will find smoke spots with ease, you are a stoner.
    I would recommend just hiding a bowl/small piece/papers in your dorm room, nothing bigger. I always hid my stuff in my sweatshirt pockets and pants pockets in my closet, never got caught.
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    I typically had "large quantities" of herb in my dorm room when I was a freshman, and it was a bit sketchy. If you just have an 8th or quad, its a bit easier and shouldnt be an issue. The biggest thing for me was keeping everything I had in a safe that I chained to a post in the room. *relevant story time*

    Its really common for a roommate (or yourself) to just leave the door propped open in the afternoons and evenings, or leave the room for brief periods of time to roll down the hall for a second, leaving the door unlocked. My roommate got played by two dudes a few doors down the hall. One hid in the bathroom (next to my room) and the other went in and told my roommate to come look at something on his computer. So my roommate left the room, unlocked, and the other dude popped out of the bathroom and raided my operation. Hence the chained up safe.

    Its not suspicious. Its something to keep your valuables in. If they cant smell it, theres no reason to search it. Its very rare to have dogs called to a dorm, and if they are, theyre explosives dogs looking looking for a reported bomb threat. Just be smart, smoke off campus (or at least dont jump any fences or break the rules to get to a smoke spot ON campus), and youll be fine. I had great success just going to the cigarette smoke spots outside the dorms with a dugout and my cigs. Just know whos who if there are people standing around.

    I think thats about it!

    edit: also make sure you know your universities policies about marijuana possession. I dont know what its like in states where its decriminalized, but here in Indiana, youll typically be disqualified to take classes for two semesters, kind of like academic probation, but depending on the situation, you always have a high chance of being barred from attending school there, not to mention the additional legal ramifications :( (which is why its better to smoke off campus, at least you wont get kicked out!)
  11. You have questions, I have answers...

    Get a safe.
  12. Someone made a thread yesterday or the other day about getting busted smoking in their dorm room and now they're fucked.
  13. It depends where your going. A lot of places I know do different things
  14. BUY.A.LOCKBOX. It will save your life.

    Try not to keep your shit in your room if you can. If you have a car, it will be much safer in there. Whatever you do, dont smoke in the dorm. At least where i go to college, they are super strict.

    I've never seen any canine units on campus either. The maids weren't allowed in our rooms, so it was a non issue. I never had my room searched either. But like i said, buy a lock box, a seperate warrant is needed to search it. But in all honesty you should be alright as long as it doesnt smell up the whole floor and your RA isnt a dick.

    Freshmen year my RA didnt give a fuck, he just didnt want to see it, hear it or smell. But even if he did smell it, he would just be like "Dude...come on..."
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    it all depends on what school you go to, some are more strict than others. at any dorm though, when you sign the lease you also sign over all your rights.

    that being said my room smelled like bud all year. i smoked in the bathroom with towels under the door, hot shower water running, and out of a bowl so no smoke escaped. and i also used a sploof. taking all the appropriate measures paid off cuz i never got caught or suspected of anything, and i moved hella pot through my room lol.

    i knew alot of kids who did get caught, they mostly got a slap on the wrist. if they had a dick RA though, or previous incidents sometimes they would get the cops involved. and since i went to school in a downtown area (chicago) we didnt have campus police, just security guards at the buildings and they didnt wanna deal with it so they would just let the police handle it.

    be smart, be sly, and be paranoid. its always good to be too careful and get away scot free than to be sloppy about it and go down hard.

    oh and survey your dorm, know it in and out. know when the RA's make their rounds. I figured out in my first week that 2 RA's (sometimes security guards) walked the whole building around 8pm. they would waltz right past my hallway @ 9:10 sharp so i always made sure it wasnt loud and i wasnt smoking at that time.

    my RA's lived nextdoor all year. they were chill. pretty sure theys smoked. one saw a towel under my bathroom door one time and just smiled n walked out lol.

    420-b was the hypest dorm room i miss living there sometimes. yes i lived in room 420 lol.
  16. Thanks for all the replies! It gives me a bit of a better idea of what the scene is like. I'm still waiting on 3 "upper scale" schools that will probably be pretty strict all around, but if those dont work out, it will probably be more lenient at the state school I'm lookin at.

    The lock box sounds like a good idea and I will probably do that. I am defnitely one of those stoners who gets the good paranoia and will memorize when the RAs come around and all that, but most likely if I ever decide to smoke in my dorm room it will be later at night.

    Hopefully I'll be lucky and get a good rommate who either smokes, or doesnt care.
  17. Maids? lol no one is going to pick up your shit man, they barely clean the bathrooms.
  18. Discretion is key in any situation. Keep it low key and smoke and drive.Don't try to smoke in the dorms unless you have private restrooms. Hotbox with steam, then let it vent out while you actually shower.

    Vape maybe? I've always wondered if a mflb smells at all. Can anyone let me know?
  19. Haha well first you gotta find out how your RA is.

    My first one was a bastard but he lived in the same hall as us, so we used to put a towel under the door and smoke out the window when he wasn't there. Smoking spots aren't hard to find you just gotta explore. Depends on your school though, some it's risky smoking in the dorms.

    This year my RA has played beer pong with us on our common room floor so she doesn't give two fucks as long as we're not dumb about it. Just get a mason jar for your budd and a case for your piece, keep it smell proof, and you'll be good.

    As for dealers.. the more you find friends who burn the more options you have... some people I buy from I'm friends with so I'll chill at their house and burn when I pick up.
  20. My buddy has walked in the main hall with a qp in a big bag no one ever said shit

    Same thing with bongs and stuff he hides in long rectangular boxes lol....No one says shit but I live in Canada

    As for smoking in your room the hallways always fucking dank at res in my school

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