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  1. im about to have a outdoor grow going on...and i need help with how to water them, not so much when or how, more about prepping the water

    i wish i could afford a RO system, but i recently got laid off and money is tight. so what im wondering are my options for watering...what would be the best way to make the water i am going to use...not kill them lol.

    ive been reading up on these forums and what looks like is my best bet is to just fill up 3-4 5 gal buckets and let them sit outdoors 24-36 hours before use.

    please give me any input of this, i am not sure what i should do.

    thanks everyone
  2. bump...comon guys i need to get all this shit figured out
  3. if you have any water refill machines around you (like at a supermarket or wallmart). You can get RO water for 25 cents a gallon and stick it in 5 gallon containers....

    the real question is how to be lazy and get the water to your spot.
  4. Water does not use chlorine anymore, it has chloride which will not evaporate from it, just check the Ph of your water. I use tap that starts at 7.5, add all the nutrients, drops to 5.1, then Ph up it back to 7.0+ so when it comes out the soil its 6.5~
  5. Its easy use your tap water. Some will say let it sit out I never have and been fine grow after grow. How hard is it to figure out? In nature the rain would sustain them.

  6. dude dont you know that clouds produce water purified by R.O.......:p

  7. He was saying he was going to water them and there outside.

    Ha yea I know that and rain water is not all that clean always. You live anywhere near the cities that water is full of all the pollenates that are in the air. They still pick up radioactive particles all these years later from Chernobyl.
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    he asked if he should let the buckets sit outside and no you shouldn't

    the reason being is because you don't need to, just let them sit out inside

    but really it's up to you, and there are some days where the ground is too dry and they need to be watered manually, just like vegetable gardens
  9. will tap water straight really be ok? that would be this soooo much easier!
  10. no it really didnt matter inside or outside, just needed to know if i needed to period.

    sooo, what im gathering from all of this is...fill buckets with tap, let them sit a day or 2, then they should be good.

    i will be using 4-5 gallon (havent bought yet) pots with a good amount of verm/perlite so i shouldnt need to water too much.
  11. yes tap water is just fine. its cleaner then bottled water. RO is the best but tap water is just fine.
  12. should i bother with letting it sit for a good while before use?

  13. Up to you some say yes some say no. I never have been just fine.
  14. [quote name='"dylan843"']will tap water straight really be ok? that would be this soooo much easier![/quote]

    Just a buy a ph tester for $10 and see what your working with and then you can plan according like the other blade said, ph up and ph down are your friend.

  15. Tap water is cleaner than bottled water?

  16., enough off all the nonsense! :rolleyes:
    ...RAINWATER IS THE SHIT! Bottom line!! ....collect it, strain it if you want to but not necessary since your outdoors in the earth.

  17. ...what is he to do when it rains? :confused:
  18. Bottled water companies are not required to do daily tests, the tap water in your faucet is tested multiple times a day depending on the city its supplying. Oh and bottled water companies just re-filter tap water and sell it for 50 times its price. Also any water in PET containers can contaminate it.

  19. Tap water, at least in my case, is much cleaner in comparison to bottled waters( my tap water has 0.3 EC, most bottled waters have 0.5 EC, i have even seen bottled water being 0.8 EC). The number of PPM or EC in the water shows you how clean it can be characterized (or better yet, how soft or hard).
  20. I get 99.9% pure h2o from a water store a half mile away, $8 for 30 5 gallon jug fill ups (insanely cheap, a little over 5 cents a gallon).

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