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  1. Hi guys. I'm considering buying a vape pen because I think it would make my smoking herb more discreet. I live in NYC, so it's not legal to smoke it outside yet. I don't live alone, so I have to go outside at night. I think a vape pen would make it easier for me to do it once in a while during the day. No one cares about people smoking on the block, but I still don't want all my neighbors knowing my business.
    Anyways, my questions about vaporizers are these.
    Do you have to smoke all you load up in the chamber? Can you pack it, but only take one hit? Would that save the leftover weed ok or will it ruin what's left in there, if I don't finish it all in one sitting?
  2. You can do that but I tend to just put in the amount I'll be using. It will still be heated when you finish so try to measure it out so you're not wasting stuff.
  3. cool, thnx
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    Salutations Jupiter7,

    So it's got to be "Low-Profile" and "Stealthy" before anything else and hence i'd add the necessity to be "QUITET" too, euh... M'well, unless you wish to attract attention and risk having visitors everytime you click your Bic!! Trust me on this, quiet is no luxury.

    Hummm... Don't be too optimistic just yet, or at least start reading the report (.PDF, 1M3) of the 6th session of the Conference of the parties (COP6) to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC):

    ...and more. For example, have a look how these matters actually evolved in my province:

    [ ]

    « 3 Convention-cadre de l’OMS pour la lutte antitabac, Inhalateurs électroniques de nicotine, rapport, juillet 2014, p. 7. »


    « 11 Convention-cadre de l’OMS pour la lutte antitabac, Inhalateurs électroniques de nicotine, juillet 2014, page 2, points 3 et 5. »​

    In other words the very bigot Health Sinister Lucie Charlebois imported the work of prohibitionists gone to Moscow/Russia (2014-Oct, 13 - 18) in order to brush off all public criticism in the end.

    Sorry but the chain of power is from the UN down to the WHO down to self-serving yet elected (or so!...) politician$, not the other way around. E.G. Bigot prohibitionists ain't all elected to "service" us. As a matter of fact the war against tobacco consumers and ex-consumers is only going to intensify IMO.

    It's all about symbols and raw models for the Children Of Planet Itnoc, briefly put the bigot elite wants to erradicate every habit of playing with fumes through human orifices... Never hope these predators might even try to fix our consumption method(s), anything "vilifying" simply serves their utopia; the bigots prefer to watch smokers self-poisoning themselves until extinction: which is self-genocide economically funded by over-taxed and stigmatized victims, to top it all!...

    So... What i'm saying is that smoking (combustion) is definitely out and everyone understands why today, though as a person opposed to prohibitionism i do not support the ban of smoker products myself. Instead i'd wish our public institutions would actively support the transition to healthier consumption methods as e-Cigs and vaporizers. The later being my preference under the condition it's made fully "inclusive", to put it short.


    As for e-Liquids i'm not tempted but i certainly welcome an opportunity to develop durable alternatives for others, because the ultimate goal is to manage with consumers by treating us as adults, by offering the vulnerable population some real deal nobody can refuse. Then after a few generations no one shall have memories from personal experience of what "smoking" used to be like, when rolling paper was still kept in legal inventories, etc... In the meantime we're on our own as a target group, good luck with relaxed ruling in the future. That would hurt patch sales i guess...

    Ouch! Now you need to ensure you won't be generating noticeable (routine) noise yourself!... Seriously.

    Maybe the neighbours wouldn't mind seeing it but i'd be worried in case of induced respiratory irritation: the neighbours shall spot you by ear and fail to remain indifferent past 21h, for example!... Or 20h even, go figure...

    By the way, would you happen to be aware of the work done using DynaVap sticks combined to electro-magnetic induction lately??

    It's still dry but that's clearly a "1-Hit" mode with steep temperature changes promoting "conservation" i'd figure, etc. The opposite of "long & steady".

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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  5. with a vape you could do it inside with less risks of bothering anyone too

    this electromagnetic heater is incredible!
  6. Salutations Cochiseg,

    Yes, but as i recall the OP doesn't live alone so that's some challenge to remain invisible and odor-free. My vaporizer pipe works on butane and there was a time my neighbour appeared in front of me in a matter of seconds after hearing the click(s)... M'well, until i cut that string which was potentially troublesome, nonetheless. Beware: those hint noises are our enemy.


    The recent experiments on induction fills me with hope, because of many interacting factors difficult to explain without a prototype to "open" the window on what's next to come. It's capable of saturating a core with heat in seconds and the heat charge can be "packetized" using Curie alloys, at least it works already in other industrial/commercial products... A replicable heat charge then opens the door to micro-dosage, etc. IMO those who shall perform the next step will find a great niche impossible otherwise. Just for example, having an auxiliary boiler/evaporator within the tiny capsule itself so there can be Auto-Conditioning on the inlet side, prior to the main core. I can even foresee a time when e-liquids instead of distilled water might emulate the characteristic smell of burned cannabis, to please nostalgics: e.g. a dream machine with most of the vilification removed! So i'm confident that could easily become a weapon of massive seduction on planet Itnoc.

    Good day, Have fun!! :D
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  7. i would see cigarette smokers gatter around outdoor induction heaters with metal cigarettes haha ... they could slowy replace the ashtrays everywhere
  8. Salutations Cochiseg,

    Just because it's IH-based doesn't imply it's got to be so large there can't be a driver implemented in a portable format at least comparable to power-user e-Cig mods. Using direct 3-phase power conversion should open the door to 3-batteries IH drivers which are meant to always stay away from a consumer's face while only its wand is required to reach the mouth.

    As for ashtrays i'd point out we don't all feel like throwing away ABV, especially from a portable vaporizer - even using IH technology i guess...

    Good day, have fun!!
  9. yeah what i meant is they could replace the ashtrays outside with induction heaters, and everyone could smoke(vape) in these metal sticks (I meant tobacco smokers, they would probably throw away their tobacco abv in the thrash)... i wish they would all vape it would stop stinkin all around the smoke spots

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