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  1. My girl has about 5% amber trichomes and 95% milky. I wanted her to get to the third stage in the trichome chart:
    Approximately how long till harvest? She is mostly indica but I'm not sure what kind of plant she is. Is there anything you can do to speed up her ripeness?
  2. Is that even real? ^^ I thought sativa or indica caused those high's?
  3. Strain has a huge influence on the high, but trichome color does play a small roll in how the high affects you. White trichs are a more sativa-like high while amber is the indica-like high.
  4. I am really not sure what kind of plant she is but I am just wondering when to harvest.
    Here is a pic one week into flowering:
    flower picture by mizmichellerene - Photobucket
    Maybe you can tell better than I can what kind of plant she is. I've been researching but Im getting mixed messages on when to harvest. This is my first time growing so Im learning..Im sure you guys hear that all the time but any advice would help. Thanks
  5. hey guys and gals i just wanted to add my 2 cents about this topic since no one seems to have anything to add. yes that was reall the diffrent colors will change your high in fact I have diffrent growers doing diffrent harvest times but grower the same way with the same strains and I can see that the guys that wait till everything is milky and amber. they get top dollar for there grass. if you want a cheap way to see your tricombs then buy a toy called "Eyeclops" it will work great for you. and when do we harvest? well again thats up to you. at 6 weeks it may look ready if your not paitent but at 8 to 9 weeks the tricombs are usually ready.
    your freindly BC grower
  6. I stay with trichomes, not time. My indicas have been flowering since the end of July (nine weeks) and if past history for my location is any any indication the trichomes will be mostly amber the first or second week in October (10-11 weeks).

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  7. Thanks...I was getting really confused for a minute. Its hard sifting through all the information the internet but I was pretty sure that the trichome method is the best.. I found myself a great little 100x microscope on amazon for 7$ with shipping (can't beat that). Im just worried about her because we're coming up on the cold weather and only about 5-10% of her trichomes are amber. I figure I made it this far might as well get some dank nugs out of all my work. Do u use molasses on your plants at all?
  8. I have the 60-100X pocket microscope but went back to my old faithful 30X jewelers loupe. Almost instant focus with the loupe without touching the flowers, a lot quicker and just as informative for trich color purposes. For detail I actually like my digital camera with a macro lens better than the pocket microscope.
  9. Yea..I need to get something like that because your right about the focusing and holding it close without touching the flowers. I love looking at the trichomes its like looking at abstract art. This is my first time growing, its so much fun..a little nerve racking but fun. I think Im hooked.
  10. NancyBotwin.....(cool name by the way)'s some additional info that may be helpful:

    Peak Harvest
  11. Thanks!!!;) Thats a really helpful article. There is so much info on the internet it can be tedious trying to find reliable sources. PS I was surprised no one used that name already!
  12. Is touching your "flowers" harmfull to them? Just asking because of your concern about it when checking trices
  13. Im no expert but they should be handled minimally and if you do very carefully because you do not want to damage the trichomes or knock them off because thats where all the good stuff is as far as I know. If you dont have a good microscope or one that focuses easy without putting it directly over the flower you can clip a small piece of the leaf (one that has trichomes on it of course) close to the flower and look at it that way. I use small nail cutters or small scissors that are easy to maneuver around the pistols and resin glands.

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