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    1) How long does the smell usually last? I'll be using it in my car and my house primarily.
    2) Is it better than the MFLB? I had a MFLB previously and it was great. I can get a MFLB for half of the price of the solo.
    3) Has anyone used vaporseller before (they have a deal on the solo) and how was your experience?

  2. If you have a MFLB why would you get a new one?
    They have lifetime warranty

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  3. I don't have a MFLB currently; I used to own one but gave it to one of my buddies. Sorry If I wasn't clear about it in the OP.
  4. 1) it depends on how long you vape for as the longer you vape the same weed the pudgery the smell gets but in a car with a window it shall be depleted very quickly
    2) i has a solo a mflb a pax a g pen and a few others people have handed me and i cant say anything good about any other then there a cool little thing to have to impress girls while you blow clouds in public places for fun with... buzz wise there a waste of money imo
    3) and no sir i has not....

  5. The smell will be dependent on how hot your vapor is. 
    Lower temps will give off less smell and higher temps will give off more. Regardless the smell shouldn't last very long at all, as vapor just dissapates into the air as opposed to smoking, where smoke will linger and penetrates through solids. 
    I have both vapes and I enjoy the Solo more. I like the electronic componet set up for the Solo, the MFLB requires a bit of a technique to use properly where as the Solo is relatively easy to use. Turn it on, pack a bowl, and vape... 
  6. Thanks for the great info and yeah that's great to know that the solo is easy to use.
    What temp do you usually set it at?
  7. You can get different effects by varying the temperature. During the day I like to use 3 or 4. because at those temps I get a nice clean, clear headed high and I don't feel lethargic. Later on in the day or at night I will use 5 and crank it up to 6 to finish a bowl.. Higher temps tend to knock me out, and give me more of a stoney feel. 
  8. It will reek at higher temps. There's always gonna be a bit of lingering smell. A fan that blow fresh air into your room after it'll kill almost all the smell within 20 minutes though. 
  9. 1. the smell is there and that really depends on how many hits you take, how many totals "bowls" you vape and the temperature. the smell does go away relatively quickly... i imagine if you were to vape and open the car windows the smell would be gone within seconds, i'd be more concerned about the smell of the actual weed (stored or still in the vape).
    2. i think it's worth the price. i own both, and barely use my mflb anymore (still love it). mflb was my first vape and i've used it extensively for years. i think it's more economical than solo, but solo hits way harder, more convenient in terms of not having to swap batteries on a single charge.. or if you go outdoors you don't need to bring a set of batteries with you. you can comfortably vape 4-5 bowls (maybe more) on a single charge.
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    1) As others have stated, it all depends on the temp that you are vaping at as well as the quality of your bud.
    2) The Solo is better than the MFLB in that you can easily dial in the temp that you want to vape at, and it tastes better, especially in the first few hits, but........the MFLB is better if you want a very efficient, discreet, stealthy portable to use when you're out and about.   
    3)  I have never used VaporSeller before.
  11. I was also about to purchase this vape today .. I found a very good deal on one. That is suppose to be the latest 2014 model.. I just wanted to check here first has anyone heard of a fake Arizer solo? Or does that not really exist? Thanks!

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  12. Im pretty sure at least at one point there were fake solos out there. The biggest issue is buying from non authorized dealers and not getting the warranty.
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    Thanks but about your point about the mflb, I never really thought it was discreet/stealthy.
    Regarding stealthiness, it is the smallest portable on the market and can be hidden in the palm of your hand.    But whats just as important in regards to stealthiness is not only the form factor but the smell factor and the MFLB is one of the, if not THE, least smelling portables on the market.
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    Can't go wrong with either MFLB or Solo, I own both and use them regularly. :)
    Solo smells more but gets me more medicated more quicker.
    MFLB is stealth but requires a bit more skill and patience.
  16. You can certainly go wrong buying either of those vaporizers.
    You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment.
  18. How much does solo chamber hold? Is it ok if I pack only 0.05-0.1g and less than half way up? Is there a difference in vapor quality and efficiency between full bowl and very loose bowl filled up less then half way up?
  19. My Solo recently took a shit on me.
  20. Since you feel like posting your video in every thread that a search for "solo" pulls up...

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