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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Pass the dr0, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hey guys so I really wanna get a mflb pretty soon but I had some questions about them:
    What is the high like?
    Does the mflb itself reek after you vape a little out of it?
    how do you properly hit it?
    Could I go in my bathroom when I'm taking a shower and take a couple huts and it wouldn't smell?
    What is something good to store it in after I use it so it doesn't stink and what's the cleaning process like?

    Thank you very much to anybody that can answer my questions!!
  2. never smoked outta the mflb, but i've never heard anyone say a bad thing about em
  3. its like a normal vaporizer high.. i find functioning on a vape high is much easier than being baked from ripping the bong
    not enough to arouse suspicion.. you can always clean it with a q-tip and iso

    youtube it man.. there's tons of info.. gotta just find what style you like best
    they come with a tin and a velvet pouch that you can keep it in... personally i went and bought a camera case which works great for traveling with too...

    PS: probably the "reason it took so long" to get a response is because all of this info is everywhere on this forum... and no one wanted to answer these questions for the 100th time
  4. plus one on the functioning on vaporizer.

    you do realize that the more secretive about doing something "illegal" the more people will take note of you.

    i have used the vaporizer in bright day light in public and no one knows.
  5. here in minnesota its super easy to stealth hit at the moment.. just looks like you blowing into your hands to warm them up
  6. The high is more functional, yeah. Less couch locky kinda feeling, but you can still get that if you really cook the load.

    All you need is a little air movement to not worry about anyone else smelling it, or, lacking that, a minute or two for the smell to diffuse. Think about how a HVAC system in a building is set up and you can toke in a small room without worry. It's easy to exhale into a return vent and that takes care of all the smell.

    Likewise, a little breeze outside and you can toke on the same bench as someone else. Just hold the thing fully in your hand and look like you're leaning your head on your hand.

    The thing itself barely smells after using. As long as you clear it well enough it won't reek.

    Cleaning is one awesome thing about it, all you really need to do is empty out the old load. You can use the supplied brush to get all the little grit, but it's unnecessary and just makes it look nice. No moar resin, nasty bongwater or using isopropanol and cotton swabs!
  7. I love my mlfb. I honestly take it everywhere. { perfrct] very little smell. If you vap good weed u can even smoke that after (abv). Def get one.

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