Questions about the Medical Marijuana Lifestyle

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by BadLuckBill, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. How goes it y'all, my name's Bill and I have a medical card here in the state of New York for chronic pain. I'm 24 years old, soon to be 25 and I'm an apprentice in a well know labor union. I've had some questions building up for awhile now so I guess I'll just present them here and see what comes of it. Thanks in advance if you take the time to read this and respond!

    1) So I'm an apprentice in a labor union, through the terms of the apprenticeship there is a drug testing policy and there are some job sites that drug test workers as well. Whatever the scenario may be, if I get drug tested at work would my career be in jeopardy? From my understanding of the NY law, I'm covered but I wanna know what everyone else thinks.

    2) Similar to 1 but through my job I have pretty good health insurance and for almost anything that's not covered through the insurance we can submit the receipt to the union and get reimbursed from our personal health savings account. I would love to start turning in those receipts and see what they say! If they deny it that's one thing but in regards to question 1 is why I haven't yet. Does anyone have any experience with getting their bill covered through insurance or an HSA?

    3) Oils and tinctures don't seem to work for me? I figured these would be the healthiest options but I feel like I'm wasting my time and money. I've tried a few medical grade oils and eventually went way over the recommended dose but never felt much of an effect. I've heard the high can be different using edibles or sublingual solutions but I got nothing from it. Am I doing something wrong here, why don't they work for me?

    4) I primarily use the refillable vape pen I got from the dispensary but wish I had a more affordable option. I've tried some other cartridges but they all seem to be cut with something and make me cough like all hell. I'm thinking about trying a dry herb vaporizer or other option to micro-dose with so I only burn what I really need. Any Suggestions?

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