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    hey guys i signed up to this forum because i found alot of useful information :)

    i just have a couple of questions regarding the MFLB

    1. in your opinion is it worth it?

    2. ive found MLFBs for 70-90$ however the MFLB site says that the lowest you can find one is for 119$. are those 70-90$ that i found on ebay legit? do they have the lifetime warrenty from MFLB? which one do you think is better the 70-90$ ones or the 119$ ones?

    3.ive seen alot of reviews about the MFLB and some people are saying after a while it doesnt get you high is that true? my tolerance is VERY low ( like a 0.1 bowl could get me feeling nice for 2 hours haha)

    4.i smoke cigarettes and i was wondering..can i use the MFLB with just tobacco? i dont mind if it doesnt give me that nicotine "hit" im just wondering if lets say its cold outside can i sprinkle some tobacco into the MFLB and smoke it?

    5.does it smell at all? if i sit in my room and smoke a trench will it be cloudy? is it going to smell like bud? because right now my uncle came to visit me so im wondering if i can take 1-3 hits while hes near (not too near like outside of my closed room)

    6.can i make brownies after the bud turns to brown? has anyone tried this?

    7. i heard that the higher the battery is the more vapor you will get is that true?

    8. will it replace all my other smoking devices (a bong) and will it get me as high as a bong hit?

    9. i have a sploof ( waterbottle with dryer sheets) will that help out or there is no need for it?

    sorry if some of these questions are stupid. I just want to make sure that its a good investment. i wana throw out my bong because its really small and i broke the bowl (you could still smoke from it u just have to hold it in a specific way). i hope someone could answer some of these questions and sorry if i posted this in the wrong section.

    EDIT: can someone give me a link for some cheap OEM MFLBs? i would really appreciate it
    thank you :)
  2. Check out the Official MFLB sticky. You will get all of your answer's, and more.

  3. 1. Yes it is
    2. Yes i got mine for 75
    3. Of course with any piece your tolerance gets higher and higher. If you have a low tolerance you will be set until you think its time to get a higher level vape. MFLB is great for beginners.
    4. Im pretty sure.
    5. Yes its going to smell, however it will not be nearly as noticeable as burning the weed. I vape in my room every night and nobody questions me about the smell. However when your in the process of doing it.. it will most likely smell. Especially depending on the potency of your bud.
    6. Yes you can cook with AVB ( already vaped bud)
    7. Yes if you are using a freshly charged battery you will get a ton more then a drained battery. You can even buy the power adapter which has great reviews.
    8. It depends what road you want to take bud thats all on you. I love to vape but i didnt completely stop smoking. I still prefer a nice J or bong when im with friends and vape alone.
    9. Idk what your talking about..
  4. 1. In my opinion, yes it is worth it for someone that enjoys the high acquired from a vape.

    2. I bought mine on eBay for $80 and it was the original one with warranty and everything.

    3. MFLB has always been a reliable high for me, even after a year of usage.

    4. I have never tried using tobacco in the MFLB but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to.

    5. The smell is faint, but it is definitely there. It smells more like burnt popcorn.

    6. Yes you can bake with vaped weed, but it takes much more of it.

    7. Yes, if your battery is low on juice you will not get big hits, I bought the powered 2700's and it was a noticeable improvement from the stock batteries.

    8. The MFLB will not get you as high as a bong.

    9. If you use your sploof in addition to the MFLB, you will minimize the smell quite a bit if not eliminating all of it.
  5. is the one you got for 75 an original one?
  6. thank you so much for your input :)

  7. Yes i have the warranty and everything
  8. 75 including tax shipping etc? cuz i looked everywhere on ebay and i found one for 105$ with shipping and everything...14$ more can get me a one that ships in 2 days and gives 2 extra batteries. to be honest i tried building a MFLB but failed hard and it looked ugly so i just thought of buying one haha. thanks for you input :)
  9. did i post this in the right section?
  10. 1. Only if you actually take the time out and quit smoking completely and clear your lungs if not your going to be like me having 30 minute sessions for a 10 minute buzz

    2. You would really have to call and ask cause buying things off other sites like amazon you end up buying someone elses used shit and you never really now what could be wrong with it and im to sure if mflbs have warrentys like arizer were you would jut send the product in without needing a recipt from anyone

    3. For any vape you wont 0 tolerence... you should even stop smoking completely.. if you check out the vaperouizer fourm theres a nice page that tells you all the amazing details about taking the full plunge into vaping

    4.Well yah it is it a type of leaf but i have no idea if you can vape tabacoo or not.. and im to lazy to check google for you so yah :)

    5. It does smell.. but not like weed it does kind of have a faint weed smell and someone who smokes weed or knows what weed smells like would be able to figure it out if they were around long enough and you didn't use the mflb right and burned the weed... But with vapes you can open the window and the smell will be gone within 5 minutes even spraying something works.. or blowing it threw a sploof even works (although its hard to explain why your room is foggy and smelling like laundry even though no did any) :) ahah

    6.can i make brownies after the bud turns to brown? has anyone tried this? Yessir if you go into the edible guide you can learn how to make Cannaoil which is very very easy to make and super potent or even butter and you can use both of those in almost every recipe

    7. Yah apperently the stock batterys they give you blow and you want something with a little more bang in them... i forgot how batterys are rated but i do remember the ones you want to be like over 2800 ____ what ever batterys are measured in ahha but id imagine the power adaptor would be alot more beneficial then a newer battery

    8. It can... but only if you take the time to lower your tolerance clear your lungs and vape the right way well not right way... but yah

    9. def helps but once again its always hard to explain why your room is foggy and smells like fresh laundry so airing out threw a window is always nice to

    and yah :) i myself wouldn't really reccomned it because i find portable vapes blows but i guess if you have 0 tolerance and it can work for you then i don't see why not
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    omg thank you so much for your input it really helped me out. thing is i cant really buy a huge vaporizer because like i said i cant have anyone knowing. im going to order one tonight and hope it arrives quick because ive been sober for 3 days now (ive been high for the past month haha) i really hope i can throw out my broken bong and use the MFLB with a sploof and get allmost or the same results as a bong :). thanks again

  12. I think you will be very happy with a launch box, with a bit of learning they are amazing. There is a vape section here on the forums, check it out.

    My girlfriend and I have replaced smoking 99% of the time with vaping, and we go through at least 2 grams of meds daily.

    Vaping makes your bud go further, and you get to cook/hash your vaped bud afterwards. If I wanted the box for my main toking tool, i'd need an adapter, but with a low tolerance you should be fine.
  13. your so awesome thanks! :D i just bought mine off they had a boxing day sale 4 batteries a 4 piece grinder and an acrylic stem for 116$ (119 normaly but 116 with their 5% off coupon) im soo excited i cant wait! last month my girlfriend made me some brownies and i was disappointed for the first hour then it hit me like a train! ive never been that high before ( i think because i ate like 7 huge pieces) i couldnt even function ahaha! and the best part is i didnt have work or anything important to do!. does the adapter enchance the vape? i want it to be discreet and the adapter just seems too big to carry around. im so excited i can just imagine all the places i can vape in!. just a small question..does it smell at all? thats my main concern :confused:

    again thanks for your comment :D!

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