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Questions about Strains, CBD, THC, etc

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by saintboon81, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. In theory a indica dominant or pure strain produces a 'stoned' feeling correct? while a sativa dominant strain produces a more clear headed 'high'

    also in
    theory high THC low CBD - clear head high
    high in both equals liek dreamlike headhigh and stoned
    and high in CBD and low in THC is body high

    but all of these can contradict each other. I have tried many different strains (Jack herer, northern lights, sour diesel, orange crush etc.) but ive never had blueberry, so i hear i can get some the other day (of course it fell through) so i looked it up online to see that its hgih in thc (aroud 20%) and low in CBD (les than 0.1%) BUT its an 80/20 indica/sativa

    so if u follow the CBD thing u should get really clear headed energetic high but if u follow the indica/sativa thing u will get really stoned and a little head high as well


    can anyone explain this to me?
  2. where did you get this information from?
  3. Sativa/indica are just two different species. Its like having a doberman and a greyhound. they're both dogs, but they're different races of dogs.

    Same deal with herb.

    THC and CBD aren't the only canabinoids that alter your high. THC is the main psychoactive one, but I wouldn't be suprised to learn that the other 20 canabinoids effect the high.

    The type of high really depends on teh amount of and type of canabinoids present.
  4. dude, how do you even really know what the bud was unless you grew it yourself?

    Different seed banks have different strains with similar names. It's the name game... when you hear Blueberry... YOU WANT IT... get it?

    Reeferman's BB is not the same as BC BB.

    And you don't know how long a supposedly sativa bud was stored or how it was transported dried or cured... how much of the THC's have downgraded to the lesser cannabinoids etc... etc... etc...

    There are so many factors...really your best bet for getting what you want (specific strains) is getting buds from MM Clubs or growin dat shit yo'seff drying and curing it properly and then smokin' it up.

    Edit: To date they have identified 66 different cannabinoids that contribute to the high.
  5. well you either roll it/ put it in a pipe/bong.
    Then you grab some flame.(prefrebly a lighter or a match)
    Then at the same time light the weed and inhale.
    Becareful you may choke.
    Remember the inhale and hold it in at least 3 seconds.

    HA alright for real tho there are alot of diffrent caniboibs, and alot of diffrent combos
    I think it has to do with what they do to the brain, there suposedly a receptor just for THC.

    Umm Its just like dogs...people cross bread them to get the traits desired.

    I think as long as you have a potent plant, and let the bud produce thc long enough, but not too long, with good fertalizer and some TLC....all goes into the High of the bud.
  6. what ever dominance the strain your getting will affect what kind of high you will get yes.
    But it depends when the grower chooses to pull his bud. It he picks the bud when the trichs are still clear the high will be different vs amber colored trichs.
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    Yes, each strain of cannabis contains different amounts of CBD to THC ratio. I feel that the best would be to you balance the ratio and see what works best for you. I found the following source where you can find some good info regarding this topic.
  8. ^It’s been 11 years, I really hope OP has figured this out by now

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  9. Well,.... First thing, you need to go back to the Times when there were 2 types of cannabis plants that's Bud has been harvested for smoking, (amount many many other things), for the beneficial effects people experienced from smoking it, and the two types,of the cannabis plant were Indica, and Sativa. And its basically like how there are different types of grapefruit trees, lets say ruby red and pink grapefruit, and how pink grapefruits might grow 2here its higher tempatures with lower humidity, and ruby reds grow where the temp is a bit lower but the humidity is much higher. ( this is just an example and a guess of where they grow) and just like there are many ways to differentiate between ruby red and pink grapefruits, like color, size, smell, and of coUrse taste, same goes for Indica and Sativa cannabis plants, one of them tend to grow in one type of climate/area, while the other type,grows in another area/climate. And as far as color , size smell taste and most importantly, the type of effect or "high" (NOW PAY AYTENRUIN PEOPLE, CUZ I SEE THAT SOME OF YOU HAVE COMPLETELY MIXED THE YWO TYPES UP COMPLETELY, AND MOST OF YOU DONT REALIZE THE HISTORY SND HOE MANKIND HAS ONCE AGAIN MESSED WOTH NATURE, TRYING TO ENHANCE AND MAKE IT BETTER AND BETTER, BUT LIKE EITH EVERYTHING ELSE MAN HAS TAINTED, THINGS ATENT MEANT TO BE ALTERED AND CHANGED BY MAN, ITS MESNT TO BE THR WAY NATURE INTENDED,and its for very important reasons,....So here's the whole thing about sativa vs Indica, which is which and which has higher the and which has higher CBD, and blah blah)... First thing is,.. Originally it was the two types of cannabis plants , Indica which has darker, more dense, deeper pungent smell and is darker forest green colored with orange, yellow and or red hairs running thru them, and have smaller dense rounded shape buds, and one small bud will break,up to be alot more than the same sized bud of his sister Sativa does.and has a ratio of THC to CBD of about 60/40, meaning,a more sedated, relaxed, foggy type high, with the "burnt" feeling that makes you feel tired, lazy, and slow like. Sativas buds are lighter shade of green like lime green or mint green color, with fluffier long skinnier buds with a more exotic floral/fruity/pine smell with white frost or crystal like. Coating it, and as mentioned, will break up to less amount than an Indica bud of same size does. And it usually has a THC to CBD ratio of about 40/60, meaning a more clear-minded,focused, Energetic type high, that makes you feel more aware, creative, talkative, and many people like to do housecleaning from this type of high,
    But that was it, back then you either got sativa or Indica,that,was it, with the indica having a little more the and a bit less CBD, giving you that tired lazy sedated high, and with the Sativa having a little more CBD and a bit less THC giving you that sudden awareness, that awake, energetic, talkative, creative do used body high, giving u the "giggles". But either way, it was how nature intended, to have only just a small difference in the THC and CBD a.punts, and even Thorne had a bit more the and the other has a bit more CBD, its not a drastic difference in amounts between the two, and there a good reason, that's cuz, it is the THC component that is addictive, and is also the component that can make many people feel paranoid and uneasy weird feeling, when u feel "awkward stupid, and weird, its the THC that can induce marijuanna psychosis, but its the CBD that actually counteracts that addictive component and the psychosis paranoid weird self conscious awkward feeling, ...that's why, naturally BOTH INDICA AND SATIVA .Have only a slight difference in the amount of both CBD and THC, with only a slight difference with one being a bit higher in THC, and the other having a slighl6 higher amount of CBD, but both types, or all weed, had both in it, and that's because one will counteract the negative effects from the other, but now these days, the first thing u should know is. There a almost no weed that is either just Indica or just sativa anymore, and that's cuz of all the mixing and breeding, also , almost all weed has barely any CBD in it and has way to much THC in it now, people have purposely breezed out the CBD, and breezed in the higher levels of the, this the seemingly higher addictiveness to weed nowadays, and the more and more people who say that weed makes them feel paranoid and very weird and awkward now for some reason, and again that's the high the and almost no cbd,... and all that is what happens when mankind tries to outdo what nature intended for very good reasons!!!
  10. Wow ppl were confused about simple stuff in 2007

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