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Questions about storks

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GuyontheCouch, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. Everyone gets the odd stem in their bud now and again, and I've heard a lot said about them. Some stoners say they make you impotent, some say the get you high, some say they do nothing. I'm posting this to try and sort the truth from the bullshit.

    1. Are they worth smoking?

    2. How high do they get you, compared with an equal amount of weed?

    3. Are there any side effects, other then those normally associated with smokin' weed?

    4. Is the best thing to do with your stems to put them in a hard alcohol mix (pref. absynth) and leave them to ferment for a few months? (I've heard about this from quite a few people).
  2. i usually shoot them..listen to em squawk alot..

    or do you mean stems?
  3. Here in the UK, we usually call them storks. But yeah - I mean stems.

    Better edit that first post now, I know how easily you Americans get confused :)
  4. Ya everytime I here someone mention smoking a fag I get this sick visual till I remember fag = cigarrette in some places..
  5. don't smoke stems, yuck. you could prob. vaporize the thc off of them, tho....
  6. i'm curious myself. i've heard a few different stories with the stem. i myself save them and chop em up and throw em in a pinner if it's the last of my stash. i have no clue if i get anything off em or not.
  7. i just smoke em or chew em if you get good weed then they taste real good
  8. if you dont pick them COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY CLEAN..then you can always go back and do that for emergencies and maybe have a bowl....other than that, just make potka..and if you dont want to wait a guessing you might could make some butter with them and get a lil buzz.
  9. ive heard of people makin hash outta stems...i dont know how true that is or not...havent tried... but one thing i did try was i marinated them in a spoon ...allright heres the process....take a spoon full of vodka...or some even stronger alcohol....drop the stems in the spoon with the alchy, then heat the spoon up on the bottom with a lighter....when the vodka starts boilin it should be good....tkae the weed out then pour the vodka/weed mixture on a cig and smoke the cig.....i havent tried that one sober so i dont know how well that one worked....but it seemed to work well when i was stoned...might have been a placebo though.....
  10. ..or just drink the vodka off the spoon
  11. yea but that harms my delicate taste buds! hehe
  12. ...wait for it to cool

    also..after thinking..since THC is alchohol soluble...and alchohol has a relatively low boiling point, then most of the THC is probably just vaporizing off anyway.
  13. man i save all my stems and roach papers ... then when it harvest u use them and the plants and i make oil out of everything ...
  14. would it work if you didnt heat the alcohol...and just let it sit???
  15. Just chew em, if there from some quility herb. Smoken em always gives me an ache in the head, and no noticible upside.

  16. yeah, you just have to let it set for awhile..not sure how long..maybe two weeks?...shake it up alot...maybe even put it in the blender?
  17. If I only have a small amount, I normally just pack the stems in the last few bowls. You don't really notice them too much and it kinda fluffs the bowls, so you don't smoke the rest of your buds in one session.
  18. its not worth all the shit u put in your body ... stems will barely give u a buzz .. might as well save them till the day u have an oz... and make oil...

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