questions about sphagnum peat moss

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by supa420, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. A lot of clay in the soil in my yard I've recently wanted to put a small garden in my yard, so I was at a hardware store and saw a bale of compressed peat moss for about $12, it says it's 3cu.ft

    I was wondering what I could add it with something to help give me a great garden
  2. Hey supa420

    Are you sure it's clay? A lot of clay in soil is a bit rare because there is usually lots of sand and rocks. Clay is actually a wonderful soil if that is the case you should be able to do a garden by simply mulching with lots of compost or green/brown organic materials. They (humics) bond with clay to produce plant soluble nutrients

    Have you done a soil assessment. In other words play with it with your hands. Does it feel sticky when it is dry? When moist squeeze the soil so the excess drops fall out . Can you mold it into a figurine? If you have a clay soil the answers should be yes. (Sticky when dry and figurine when wet). Does it feel gritty? That would be sand

    Which ever soil you have amendng it with lots of compost and organic materials will be the best way to raise fertility and plant a garden. Also consider perhaps wild flowers and cover crops to this end. More plants will mean more water retention and nutrients when you flip the grass and allow clippings to lie where they fall

    Hope this helped

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