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  1. So I know it's probably not a smart move, but I'm wondering what the general consensus is.

    Is it rude to ask my gf to give me a bj when it's her time of the month. I'd reciprocate if it were possible, but not during her period.
  2. lol. Just pull it out and be like "It aint gonna suck itself".... ;)

    jk. I don't know, dude. :laughing:
  3. Thats absolutely fine. If she cares about you she should not have a problem with it.
    If she gives you shit..............dump her selfish ass and find a gal that puts your happiness above hers.
  4. Pleasure her anus.
  5. asking her is fine
    but don't be a dBAG if she isn't in the mood.
    cramps, fatigue, headaches, so many hormones that you annoy even yourself, don't always put you in the mood. but it isnt that bad all the time..
  6. Be a man, I've gone down on my ex when she was on her period, just check for any dried blood, wipe it up and go to town on her clit bro.

    You gotta give to receive, otherwise you're just a douchebag.

  7. earn those redwings
  8. "I know it's pretty baby, but I didn't take it out for air."
    Requiem for a Dream style haha
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    Dude dont just fucking whip out your penis and say suck my dick.

    After some foreplay, sexual kissing, touching, playing start looking at her eyes, and look at your penis, like repeatedly for like 10-40 seconds, if it takes any longer than that, then say 'baby i want your soft lips around me'.

    girls get off on shit like that...
  10. I dunno man.

    If I was shitting diarrhea blood out of my ass, I wouldn't be offended if my gal wasn't up for eating out my butthole.
  11. its not a big deal to ask.
    and instead of reciprocating later, you could try doing something else for her that day like giving her a massage or something. idk just a thought
  12. Sure you can ask her, but beware if she's all angsty and rages out.
    You could also fuck her in the shower; it alleviates cramps which she may be appreciative of.
  13. Uh no! haha now that a douche

    True That

    First of all has she giving you head before? i mean if she just doesnt like it then why ask

    if she has before then let her know it would be nice for her to please you when ya'll cant have sex

    Personally giving head is not my cup of tea, my boyfriend goes down on me all the time but he knows im not going to give back. But then after a while of being together i gave him what he had earned if you know what i mean ;)

    ask her and be a gentleman not an ass
  14. Good to know ;)
  15. my ex liked it in the ass when she was on her period lol. but man id just ask if she no, be like how about an old fashioned.
  16. my personal favorite

    "could you tell me if it tastes good?"
  17. Just have sex. It's just blood. You deal with all sorts of other bodily fluids when you're having sex, so why not that, too? What makes blood any more disgusting than, say, semen? or Saliva?
  18. "..... My dick's not gonna suck itself....." <---Worked wonders.

  19. If someone said that to me, they would not be getting a blow job.
  20. Damn right she should. But you should also slip a finger in her on occassion without expecting any return.

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