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Questions about random drug testing in school.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tigerfang_137, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Sup dudes, new to the forums.

    Hate to start out this way, but I have a problem:

    I am a nursing student in NY. To make a long story short, another student attacked me on campus. He didn't realize that I know Muai Thai. I parried about 15 punches then he caught me in the ribs. That was when I unleashed a flurry of punches, kicks and elbows to disable him. He freaked out and ran out of the school. He never got my face, just my ribs. It feels better now, with no visible signs of trauma.

    So I reported the incident to school authorities, who were very cooperative, and went to a preliminary hearing. They can see I fought in self defense. As for the perp or assailant: He's nowhere to be seen since this happened over a week ago now.

    Now this is why I am posting this: Random drug testing in colleges throughout my state. I am very afraid that school officials will try to submit me to a drug test for 'probable cause'

    I spoke to a colleague of mine who is a undergrad law student. he said that it is illegal to test students and get them prosecuted for 'possession by consumption'.

    Doing further research into shool policy I discovered that in my college, only staff, security and students in athletics are subject to randoms. there is no indiations that regular students are subject to random drug testing. However reading between the lines, I'm not too convinced about that. However fortunately, since I am a freshman nursing student and I didn't start clinicals yet, so technically I shouldn't worry about this. The randoms are only carried out by the hospitals not the universities. I'm sure about that.

    Now I'm not worried about this dude. What I'm worried about is school authorities pulling a stunt on me with a sudden random drug test, because of this violent incident. Please keep in mind this is in a college, not a high school which is a completely different ball game.

    I know the rockerfeller laws were eased not too long in NYS ago towards decriminalizing marijuana. Nevertheless, my career in nursing could be in jeopardy if I end up taking an unwarranted piss test for 'probable cause'.

    Of course I will have to go straight jack when I start clinicals in January because the hospital I will be trained at will expect me to random piss tests. But man, will I even make it that far? I'm getting good grades, just this nonsense......

    A bit too late for dilution techniques. I just puffed three days ago. Not enough time for it to work. If it was like 5+ days ago since my last hit then it would. (Lots of water to make your piss clear, take aspirin to throw off the test, creatine or red meat consumption for specific gravity, maybe Gatorade and salt on top of that, then when I start to void every 20 min or so pop at least ten times the regular dose of vitamin B to turn the urine yellow, then I'm ready for about 4 hours. I know the deal)

    So any thoughts? Thanks.
  2. "I spoke to a colleague of mine who is a undergrad law student"

    That means s/he is not a law student, but is a guy/girl who wants to go to law school some day.

    If you are really worried consult an actual attorney.

    As it stands, unless there is a special rule at your school that allows for drug testing students, or drug testing nursing students, then you're fine.

    Obviously detox before starting your clinicals.
  3. #3 Tigerfang_137, Sep 25, 2009
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    Yeah. Haven't heard of any specific towards students and random drug testing except those in sports teams or faculty and staff. (like you said earlier) But the thing is that sometimes policies are rarely enforced but nevertheless enforced to the convenience of the few.

    Like jaywalking for instance. It's illegal but ppl do it all the time. But once in a while someone does get a civil violation ticket and/or a summons for it. That's sort of how I'm looking at this. I guess if I want to look any further into this I will have to look for an attorney. Living a college life is hard in the wallet however. Catch 22. I'm not going into the drama of my personal financial circumstances, wrong board for it, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

    And yeah, obviously I will have to detox a month from when I have to submit my physical and when I'm due for the definite random in january when i start nursing clinicals. (Edit: I bought a home kit just to see how long my own body can rid itself of enough THC metabolites to pass the piss tests at the 50ng cutoff. It takes pretty much 30 days and I smoke like mad.)

    T feel a bit more at ease also along with some pep talk from really good friends I know in my neighboorhood and others from far away in the mainland U.S. who care.

    If anyone else have any insight to give I would appreciate it.
  4. No you will not get a random for this. My friend got the shit kicked out him in colleage the student was expelled who attacked my friend, and no drug test. Even if you did get offer a random you could turn it down with out consequences. Since it is not listed in the school policy handbook.
    Also in the work force random drug testing only takes place if another employee accuses you of drug abuse. Drug testing cost company money, it is an expense that they dont like to make. I worked at a fortune 500 company with random drug testing and it never happen to anyone. The only reason the majority of companies drug test is because of the huge savings they receive from insuarnce companies. That is now why a lot of companies do nicoteine test and look down on smoking cigs.

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