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  1. ok im looking into a grow tent and heres the 3 im lookin at ones 4 x 4 x 6.5 ft other is 6 1/3 x 6 1/3 x 6 1/3 ft and last is 8 x 4 x 6.5 ft all are 100% mylar. im tryin to fiqure out what would be best for 3-5 plants max grown organically in probly 3-5 gal buckets and also best light options. i was thinking a 8 bulb 4ft T5 flourescent for veg stage and probly a 600 watt hps for veg. not to sure on what type of ballast maybe a regular one or cooling. Any advice on what yall think about it that can be improved on and possibly stuff that ill need to be successful. Also i was wondering were would be a good place to get good seeds been looking a dr chronic anyone have any experience with them.
  2. You can grow 4 plants in the 4x4x6.5. Get a 600w aircooled hood kit w/ MH and HPS bulbs, so you can use one lamp throughout the grow

    Start in solo cups and either gradually transplant into 3gal than 7gal or straight to 7gal. I recommend smart pots

    Seems like the most popular seed bank is Attitude. But, my personal favorite is Original SSC.

    Start reading and researching before you start anything, germinate and sprout bagseeds to get the hang of it
  3. k i will probly go straight to 7gal if i can and what can i expect to yield also did all your shipments make it through customs i was thinking bout trying THC bomb or something like easy rider
  4. All 7-10 orders, yes they did. Hope to yield 1 oz per plant under a 600w to set the bar low. It could be nothing, or you could yield more than a pound, you never know.

    Northern Lights and other indicas are good beginner strains. They're generally hardier than sativas
  5. Got any bank suggestions was looking at dr chronic but he don't take credit cards and i was looking to pay with pre paid visa or something like that

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