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    Ok so I knew that I should have started spraying my pesticide on my outdoor plant once spring was over,(FL outdoors),well anyways on almost half of my plants leaves , a quart to half of the leaf is missing, im assuming insects r the culprit...anyways I just sprayed organic pestice over and under the whole plant tonight......I also pissed and put animal repel around the plant just in case it was a small animal..

    If the insects stop,can a plant recover?It isnt dieing but it just seems to have stopped growing...
    It is nice and green,3 months old and only about 18 inches tall....
    There is also yellow spots on most of the leaves...if any1 might kno the cause of that?

    It is a female too so I hope to hear any advice
  2. Need pics to diagnose the problem. As for the recovery, well, we ned pics to see how bad it is also.
  3. The plant will stop growing for a few from shock. The damaged leaves will not heal themselves, plants cant do that. If new growth starts then you know its doing well. If the bug problem has been taken care of and other grow conditions are good all you can do is wait.

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