Questions about PC micros?

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by WizKhalifaRocks, May 3, 2011.

  1. Where should I buy one?
    How long do I wait till harvest?
    Won't they get too tall so I have to do something? If so what?
    How do I get rid of the smell?
    What do I do if they get to tall?
    Are they worth it?
    How many can I grow in there at once?
    More questions will be added later bye! :)
  2. Alright ill try to address this all at once. there is 2 different kinds of pc boxes soil/hydro.
    1. the one you buy is the one you see as best for what you want/need. 2. harvest depends upon strain entirely too much to say one way or another but if your worried about time frames go with a autoflowering strain. 3. there are ways to train the plant using lighting/tieing plant down/buying only shorter height strains to accommodate for this. 4. carbon filters and the plant really only smells when its close to harvest, so in flowering,. 5. You can train the plant to grow in a different direction or tie it down or use a scrog(screen of green) to keep it within some limits. 6. worth is dependent upon what your looking for if you want a yield dry of 4-10 oz a plant then no it will never happen, buy a small mylar tent like 2'/2' or 4'/4' and grow that way. 7. usually one to 2 plants with tieing/training/scrog/etc.

    hope this helped.
  3. But what do I do if it gets to tall and when do I harvest it? :p
  4. you can 'Top' the plant so it doesnt grow above a certain height
  5. Yeah i didn't want to mention that since it will in turn affect the yield. Harvest is always strain dependent... Autoflower strains will start to flower naturally without having to do a 12/12 light cycle and youll get to pick when to harvest yourself. Other strains will not start to flower naturally and your going to have to read up on this for more info. Research first mate.

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